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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Nice to Meet You, Anyway

Jett gets an odd visitor in the form of one Nick Fallon. He says that he should apologize for everything starting from when they met so many moons ago. He reintroduces himself. He promises that he won't attack him again and decide they are going to be buddies. They bond over the fact that they were both sacked from their respective jobs. Nick tells him that he is now teaching science at Salem University and Jett says he's hoping to get a job in security. Nice step up from ISA.

Billie and Chelsea talk about how life will be with Billie working as security on campus. Chelsea asks Billie if she can get a job for her dear friend Jett. She's not so sure she can do it. Chelsea takes off soon and Nick wonders if she is going to hire Jett - he seems overqualified. I was wondering how long their buddyship was going to last. They then discuss China Lee's kids (sort of).

Kayla and Stephanie have a long, long discussion about Max and Jeremy. Stephanie says that JEremy is so great for her and Kayla wonders what happened to her relationship with Max. She says she loves Jeremy. Naturally, Jeremy shows up soon and tells Stephanie that everyone was right about him and asks Kayla to give him a head start before she calls the police. There is some more arguing and Kayla says she won't call the police but Jeremy will have to. He says he would rather just hit the road. Alas, there will be no way for Stephanie to know he is okay. After he leaves Kayla says she's sorry but she already turned him in.

Patch and Bo discuss the marking they found on the door. They think that it could possibly lead them to Andre and Roman. They start by going to the mansion. It's not long before they see Andre just wandering around. Andre soon sees a note to him that tells him he has to protect the folio. Patch wanders out. They talk about the deal that Patch made with Stefano. Andre implies that he has a weapon on him. They agree on the deal and then, of course, Patch gets stabbed. Bo runs after Andre. No freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

A year ago, Patch still hadn't gotten his memory back. Jack and Jennifer had a huge farewell party and Philip flipped out and demanded his own DNA test to determine who Claire's father is. I made a lovely reference to Shakespeare a year ago - from a Winter Tale - Exeunt, pursued by a bear Tee hee.

Posted by Gordon on September 21, 2007 9:28 PM
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