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Days of Our Lives: Lucas Gets Shot

Sorry that this is my last entry for the week - big Jewish holiday starts tonight. Alas I will have the same schedule next week - but hey, if you liked the "Can you believe what happened only a year ago?" thing from last week I can stick to it - anyone?

So there's more arguing between Nick, Chelsea, and the odd Mr. Abuhd. Chelsea and Nick say that the kids aren't even there and there is arguing until they happen to reveal themselves. Mr. Abuhd says the boys will leave with him and Nick says they aren't going anywhere so Mr. Abuhd punches him and takes the kids. Jeremy comes to the rescue! Naturally Mr. Abuhd runs away and Jeremy tells Chelsea that he just doesn't like kids being hurt.

The moment we have all been waiting for - the letters are coming to an end. Can you believe how many months it has taken to read these letters? They start with Collen telling Santo she is going to go with him. Santo gives her a ring that will join them in a nice ceremony people call a wedding. A little while later she tells the priest there that she is leaving the convent. She gives Father Mallory the ring and leaves to go have a nice cry.

Andre tells Sami that she has to make a choice and shows them both EJ and Lucas. Much arguing, of course. She points the gun at Andre who tells her that he still has Roman. EJ tells her to shoot him because he has nothing. She aims the gun at EJ and yet somehow manages to shoot Lucas in the leg. She takes up a piece of steel and hits Andre. Lucas can't believe she shot him and she says that she needs EJ more than she needs him. How loving. EJ comes back, having not managed to catch someone about twice his age who was just beaten with a metal bar.

Soon paramedics take Lucas away. Sami tells EJ that it is up to them to end the vendetta.

Roman struggles all episode long with his coffin which finally opens up at the end - guess he wasn't buried after all.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on September 26, 2007 9:05 PM
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