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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Just Say You'll Go

More conversation between China Lee and Nick and Chelsea. China Lee says that the kids need a father while Nick says that they need a mother. Big surprise revelation - China Lee isn't their mother. China Lee goes to leave and Chelsea starts to call the police and China Lee asks what she wants and she says she just wants to know who the children's parents are. She says the father is a powerful man who passed away. Man, that Stefano gets around a lot.

Billie tells Philip that she has some news about his son that could change everything. Of course she does. Apparently she hasn't spent any money on the baby. Does this mean there's no baby? No, it means that the baby is probably Pocket and nobody has realized it yet. She probably gave the baby up awhile ago - maybe at the Salem University hospital? Billie suggests perhaps he should call the police to accuse her of killing Tyler.

Belle and Shawn have an episode long argument over her going with Philip - he is saying that Philip needs her help and she says that she doesn't want to go with him now. Great. She eventually agrees that she should go with Philip. Let's hope he doesn't change his mind.

Patch and Kayla fret over little Pocket having some kind of poisoning and Steve blames himself for it. She assures him that he's a wonderful father.

Max goes to see Stephanie but figures out that Jeremy must be there somewhere. Nice thinking, Max. At the very least, he speculates that he must have been there at some point in time. He decides he is going to leave and of course Stephanie and Jeremy have to argue about Max visiting. She says she's not really going to call the police but she told Max she would to get him to leave. This is just when Patch and Kayla come home so she puts Jeremy into what used to be her bedroom.

Of course, his ID somehow falls out of his coat. Stephanie asks her parents if she can move back in. They agree, of course. She tells Jeremy he has to sleep on the floor and he has to talk to Patch within 48 hours or he has to leave.

-- Gordon Davidescu

A Year Ago Today : Shawn hadn't found out that Claire was his daughter (yet) and Mimi and Bonnie conspired to try to get the results of the DNA test changed. Meanwhile, Patrick languishes in jail because evidence Bo found in his home point to him being the "black glove" menace. Jack and Jennifer struggle in a cave but are rescued. Bo and Hope nearly make up.

Posted by Gordon on September 19, 2007 6:42 PM
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