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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Sami Goes A Bit Crazy

Chelsea tells Nick all about the Jett situation and how he wants her to track Stephanie - she thinks it's just a bit overwhelming. Nick says that he will take care of everything. Of course you will, Nick.

Stephanie tells Jeremy that after the argument she had with her father, she just wants to move in with him. He says it's going too fast and that they shouldn't move in together until they get married. She assumes that means that he wants to get married and of course he backpedals. She calls Adrienne and asks if she can move in with her and she says that it's okay so long as they can watch Leno at night. Nice plug, NBC.

After Sami finds out that her father is in critical condition and is going to need an operation to possibly live, she goes a little, let's say, nuts. She storms out of the hospital and goes straight to - you guessed it - the DiMera mansion. There, Stefano and EJ had been arguing over whether or not EJ was a man and why he couldn't just live up to his responsibilities as a DiMera. Stefano goes as far as to tell him that if he really wants to be with Sami, he should get rid of Lucas.

Sami barges in, pushing her way past Bart, and says that she's there to finish the vendetta by killing Stefano. EJ tries to diffuse the situation - to no avail. Stefano steps right up to Sami's gun and tells her to just shoot him already. Naturally, right before she has an opportunity to kill him, Lucas and Marlena pop in to save the day. They drag her away and Stefano decides that EJ is no son to him anymore. Another parent in Salem breaks of relations with their child - how original. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Marlena finds out that Roman is now out of surgery and Sami tearfully rejoices.

We freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 2, 2007 4:07 PM
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