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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Nick Goes Back For More

Nick is confronted by China Lee, who tells him that he has to give her twenty-five thousand dollars or just continue to be her husband. He says that he will get her the money and assures Chelsea that he will win the money gambling. She gives him a big kiss for good luck.

Max and Jeremy tell Rawlings that they haven't any women for him and he freaks out. He says he will bring them down if they try to contact the police. Max nearly says Jett's name in talking about going to the police and Jeremy catches on.

Anna goes to see Roman and says that she is sorry that she ended things the way that she did but they definitely needed closure and he can go on living his life now. He tells her that Tony is a womanizer and if she should ever want a happy long term relationship, he is there for her.

Tony tells Stefano that he should die with a good legacy - all he has to do is put Andre away in jail and end the vendetta. Stefano informs him that the only way the vendetta will ever end is if he manages to kill every single last living Brady in the world. Good luck with that bad bear, dude.

Absurd little side story with Lucas and Sami trying to sneak in some make out time while a tyrannical nurse insists that they not touch each other. Ugh. Silly.

Max finds Stephanie alone in the hot tub and goes to talk to her and would you believe it - they end up kissing. I don't care if he is adopted, I still say he's her uncle and that's just wrong.

Jeremy confronts Jett and says that he knows something is going on.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 16, 2007 8:49 PM
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