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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: New Baby for Steve and Kayla?

So Steve and Kayla are having a really good time with the new baby, it seems. Even though Steve keeps on protesting and saying things like, "This is only temporary" and "This is not permanent" he contradicts what he says by acting like it is anything but temporary and not permanent. He even has started calling the kid "son." How long will it be before Philip realizes what has happened and demands his son? He has already basically lost one child, will he be ready to lose another?

Stephanie gets sexually harassed by a customer on the airplane. The customer ends up getting really rough with everyone and Jett somehow gets him into cuffs. This gets Jeremy wondering why Jett is just carrying around handcuffs and he tells Jeremy that he got them from his father in case something like this would happen. Nice cover story, Jett.

Jett finally comes clean to Max and says that he is really a police officer investigating Jeremy and he knows that he is doing something highly illegal. Of course, Jett asks for Max' help.

EJ contacts the news and has them come and interview him and Lucas. He portrays himself as the hero of the day, having saved Lucas' life (yet again) and Lucas is reluctantly forced to be grateful to him, at least as long as they are on television. After the news crew leaves he can't help but wondering why it seems that EJ is always there at just the right moment. Uh, it's because you're on DOOL, dude. Kate later confronts EJ and says that she will strangle him if he had anything to do with Lucas nearly being frozen to death. After she leaves he tells the wall that he saves Lucas' life and then, believe it or not, says "Whatever." How American you have become, EJ. We freeze frame here. Oh yeah.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 15, 2007 1:58 PM
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