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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Goodbye, Bart

Doctor Rolf tells Stefano he can stop the suffering with just one injection and Stefano says he doesn't want to live in a veil of drugs. He looks at the needle. Outside, Tony looks in and watches him looking at the needle and taking a short. Tony sneaks in through the window and picks up the needle but sneaks back out when he hears Bart and Rolf coming in. Rolf tells Bart to get him immediately if he is in any pain. Bart picks up the needle and looks at it - just perfect for Tony to grab the needle away from him. Stefano wakes up and wonders what he is doing. Tony finds the key around Stefano's neck and Stefano tells him that if he does that he will destroy him. Tony decides to do it anyhow.

Stefano manages to grab the key back from Tony and gives it to Bart. Tony takes a sword and threatens him with it, so he swallows the key. Tony says he had better have it in his mouth and Bart shows an empty mouth. This is when Andre comes out and grabs a sword and asks if he has any last requests and Tony says he would like something - his life.

While swordfighting, Andre accidentally runs through Bart with his sword. Stefano wakes up again and wonders what happened and where the key is. He sees Bart and asks who did it to him - was it Tony? No, it was someone who looks like him. Andre says that it was an accident. Tony, of course, slips out and Andre pursues him. Stefano asks Bart about the key as he lays dying and he says he took care of it.

EJ takes a long swig from his bottle and thinks about Stefano telling him to take Lucas out of the picture. Mmm, more liquor. That's just what you need to make things better. His shirt is quite untucked. He says, "Kill Lucas... why not?" Lucas comes to find EJ and asks EJ what is going on - as he said it was a matter of life and death. EJ tells him his marriage to Sami is over. Lucas says Sami told him she wishes she had burned him alive and EJ turns around and shoots him and then taunts him. Oh, but it was just a fantasy. Keep on drinking, EJ.

Curiously, EJ goes back to his fantasy in which Lucas lays shot on the ground. Sami cradles his head and cries. EJ tells her that they will find whoever did it and bring them to justice - and he will be with her to raise the twins and would do anything for her. She reacts by kissing him. He doesn't have very realistic dreams, does he?

This is when Kate comes in and asks if he is alright. She reminds him about the meeting they had. She slaps him and tells him to be a man so he grabs her and threatens to throw him in the water. He yells at her and tells her he is a man. They argue some more about Mythic. She reminds him that they could go to prison and he says it's because of Lucas. He says that he'll be happier when he's dead.

Kate wonder what he is thinking and he says it was just a figure of speech. Kate says even if Lucas were dead Sami wouldn't go to him - even in his wildest dreams. Well in his wildest dreams, she is in bed with him and wow, it is super silly. She tells him she knows his deepest heart. What? Back in reality EJ tells Kate he's not interested in being with Mythic anymore and when she leaves he says he's really going to get rid of Lucas.

Sami, Hope, Bo, and Lucas meet up in the pub - it speaks volumes when Hope pours Sami a decaf tea. I'm pretty sure it's not just because she's pregnant. Doug and Julie come in with "The Latest Chapter in the Saga". A cure for insomnia, they mean. Doug promises that many more are yet to come. Wake me up when this is over. Bo points out that 50 years is a long time for the DiMeras to hold a grudge. Hope says they hope there's an answer in the letter. We're right with you. Santo tells Colleen that his wife died. Colleen, by the way, is dressed in a nice dress.

Man, this is a long, rambling conversation. He wonders if she can live without passion. He tells her to kiss her and it will prove she can't live without it. He kisses her and then she says that she didn't feel it. He manages to take a ring from her and she asks him to please return it. Somehow they end up kissing again and she asks him to let her go. They tussle a little for her scarf and he nearly falls off the cliff. She pulls him back up and apologizes. Oh you know there's a freeze frame on Colleen.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 3, 2007 8:32 PM
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