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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: A Rough Patch

Stephanie and her father argue about his accusations. She can't believe he just did a background check. Jeremy tries to calm things down but that upsets Steve even more. He says that Jeremy has been involved in theft, fraud, and even identity theft. Stephanie tells him that she knows all about his past but it's in his past and he is reformed. Patch swears that if he moves an inch out of line he will certainly regret it and Jeremy takes that as fair warning. He won't shake Jeremy's hand, though, and after Jeremy leaves Patch tells Stephanie that Jeremy is a con artist and he saw right through him. Of course, Stephanie brings up the kidney theft and holding a knife to Bo's neck on Tinda Lau. I thought what happened on Tinda Lau stayed on Tinda Lau. Oh well.

Jett tells Chelsea that she has to help him because otherwise she is basically letting Jeremy destroy Stephanie's life. She tells him that she will go along with it. When he mentions perhaps seeing each other after this big operation is over she says that after she is through helping him, she never wants to see him again. Translation : at some point during the operation, she will develop feelings for him and take back that never wanting to see him again thing.

Nick finally turns the tables on Kate as he tells her that he was fired from his job after confessing everything. He tells her that unless she wants everyone to know what she did, she had better do what he wants - to the tune of giving Chelsea the fifty thousand dollars that he won gambling. He tells her to say it is a gift from her - that way she won't know that it actually is coming from him. Way to go, Nick. Go on being dishonest and let's see how well it works for you. A little later, Chelsea calls and says she needs his help and he says he will be there soon - wherever that is.

Sami decides that Roman getting stabbed must be her fault. She says that she is going to stop the DiMeras from hurting any more of the family. On the plus side, Sami says, her twins are actually Lucas'. On the mius side, Stefano is probably still going to try to destroy her. She says she is going to have to kill him first. Soon an alarm sounds - there is a problem with Roman. They take a defibrillator to him and the doctor says that he needs to be taken to the OR immediately because he has fluid around his heart. Sami freaks out and starts yelling that the DiMeras have killed her father. We freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 1, 2007 7:41 PM
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