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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Picnic

Hope and Marlena talk about how Tony was really Andre and how the real Tony turned his back on the DiMera family. They hope he is still alive. Sami comes in and they wonder where her guards are - oh well, with Andre in the hospital, she is safe. While they wait for news, they continue reading... letters!

The letter she reads is from Santo to Colleen. It's about a picnic they had planned out which was attended to by not just Colleen but a fellow nun. A guardian angel, as it were. Everyone in the Brady house has a laugh as they imagine Santo's face when he saw the nun. They don't know what he looked like, so that would be impossible. Sami says that Colleen was just testing Santo.

Back to the flashback, the picnic continues. Hope says they should hear Colleen's side of the story. Santo presents Colleen with an artichoke and shows her how to eat it. Man, those are annoying vegetables to make in a vegetable steamer. Colleen is overwhelmed by the classic Italian tastes of garlic and olive oil. The sister agrees. She thanks him for the picnic and says she has to go back to the convent. He asks her to stay for a few minutes to talk.

EJ, Bo, and John are at the scene of Andre's jumping discussing Bart's back. Philip walks in and tells Bo about these weird messages he has been getting. EJ can't believe that Tony was really Andre and that Stefano did this. Bo asks Philip why he doesn't just tell Victor to figure it out and he says he can't. He plays a recording of one of the calls he got.

There's a baby crying and a really creepy voice asking, "Why did you abandon me, daddy?" Bo asks if he has a kid he doesn't know about, perhaps. Philip insists that he has always been careful - he paid attention in school. He leaves and says he will have to investigate. Bart is brought out and starts rambling about illegal police brutality. They pull off his shirt and there is, indeed, a map of an island there. Bart claims he got it in the Navy...uhm... Air Force. He can't decide where he got it. After everyone but Bo and EJ leave, EJ says this should prove he is on their side - but please leave Stefano alone.

Belle and Shawn enjoy a romantic meal which is interrupted by Belle asking about the job interview in Cleveland. Shawn says he can't live with seeing Belle so rarely if he would have taken the job. She says she wants to know what he did in Cleveland if he wasn't at a job interview. He flashes back to a phone call from Mimi that he got on July 4th and talking with Bo about getting divorce papers followed by his changing the flight to Indianapolis.

Instead of telling the truth he tells her that he hung out at the airport and then came back. He's barely away for a few minutes when Philip comes over and tells her that Shawn cancelled his flight. Shawn and Belle decide to go out.

John joins Marlena, Sami, and Hope and they continue on the letter. Santo tells Sami that they should meet after dark - in Italian. She responds in Italian that she can't and they take their leave but not before Santo says they will see each other again. Roman soon comes over with a copy of Bart's back map along with a surprise for Sami - a photo of Santo. Freeze frame on Sami with old school Santo and Colleen in the background.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 18, 2007 6:41 PM
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