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Days of Our Lives: The Mean Flowers

Everyone is, of course, shocked by how much Santo and EJ look alike. Everyone except for the viewers, who have known about this for quite some time. Sami worries that Lucas will get upset when he sees the photo of Santo. Hope says he won't see them as she will have them put away. She says she doesn't have feelings for EJ anymore.

Lucas and EJ have a little chat. A little unpleasant chat, that is. EJ tells him that he is quite envious of Lucas and apologizes and Lucas asks what he really wants - and EJ says he wants peace. He respects that he doesn't have moral rights to the children however he is their father. Lucas tells him that he should give up his parental rights and stay away. After some more heated discussion, they agree to be civil for the sake of the children. Let's hope it works better than Kate agreeing to be civil to Sami.

Stefano says unpleasant things about the pub and shows him some papers that prove that the person laying in the hospital is actually not Tony, but Andre. Stefano doesn't believe it and Bo tells them they are now looking for the real Tony. Shawn Senior is in the vicinity and says they should leave the vendetta in the past. Stefano tells Shawn Senior that he should tell Bo how he murdered his own sister. Shawn Senior leaves and Stefano swears that he will end the vendetta his own way - by making sure there are no more Bradys to torment.

Roman comes in and asks about John and Anna and Bo tells him, off on the side of course, about their trip. Meanwhile, Stefano tells Rolf that they are going to go after the Bradys "with both barrels". He says that thanks to Bo, Andre might not live through the night. Uhm, actually, it was thanks to Andre. Stefano says what Bo did cannot go unpunished.

Anna wants to go to the island to see Tony and though John protests, he gives in and says she can come. They are soon on the plane and Anna frets over whether Tony will remember her and like the way she looks. It's not too long and they're already on the island and Tony wonders how they could have possibly found him. They tell him and not only that but tell him about everything that has happened in the last twenty years. Lots of information. They even tell him about Samni having EJ's twins. How fun. Tony says that Stefano has a key on him that could end the vendetta.

Lucas and EJ tell Sami, who is quite surprised to see EJ, that they have agreed to be civil. EJ leaves but Sami first thanks him. Naturally the evening will soon be ruined by Rolf, who puts some strange device inside a bouquet of flowers. We freeze frame on the flowers.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 19, 2007 7:25 PM
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