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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Nick and Chelsea Split Yet Again

Jeremy tells Max and Stephanie that they're going to go to Las Vegas that evening. What about Chelsea, asks Stephanie. He is being taken care of, he assures her. Max says he's hesitant to go to Vegas and even refuses the money that Jeremy offers him. Stephanie mentions the trust issue and Jeremy says he should tell him directly if there is a trust issue.

Chelsea and Nick talk about how she is so happy to be with him. Jett soon arrives and says that they have to go to Las Vegas and Nick protests. Chelsea goes and argues with him. She says perhaps they should break up if he has a problem with her going to Las Vegas for work.

Chelsea takes off and when he calls her she says they need a break and doesn't respond when he says that he loves her. Nick finds out the results of the DNA test from the doctor at Salem University - on the phone. Yellow flag, DOOL! DNA results are not discussed on the phone.

Jett soon comes back to tell Jeremy that Chelsea probably won't come. Jett and Max discuss telling Stephanie about cheating Jeremy.

Tony says he doesn't want to go back to Salem. Suddenly Anna comes out of nowhere and he is all smiles. Anna gets upset with him when he can't remember certain details from his past but he hugs her and says he remembers how much he loves her and that is nice. He agrees to come back. Soon they are on the plane, telling them about the solid gold key that Stefano has with him always.

Lucas suddenly realizes that he left ice cream in the car. Sami tells him she doesn't want him to leave. They fiddle around - yeah, that stops him from leaving. Soon Nick is there with some flowers - flowers he says are beeping. We freeze frame on Sami.

Now let's analyze the time line here. It was the end of yesterday's episode when Rolf left the flowers. How much time has passed since then? Anyone? Or are these just flowers with a long delay on the beeping device? Come on.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 20, 2007 8:22 PM
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