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Days of Our Lives: Max Gets Rough and Roughed Up

Nick once again proposes to Chelsea and she says he is drunk. He says he is high on life and they can go to a chapel - they should take a gamble. Chelsea doesn't find his style of humor to be funny and leaves. He apologizes for proposing without a ring and makes one out of a cherry stem. She says she can't be bought and he says he just wants to be her husband.

Stephanie walks away from Jeremy and he wonders what he did wrong. She says that Max told him about the slut at Uncle Bo's house. Jeremy wonders if she is believing Max and Chelsea over her. She says she can't believe he cheated on her. He says that he will tell her the truth now. He admits that there was a girl but he didn't sleep with her - she's a friend of a friend. He just had to make sure she got a ticket to Vegas. Jett approaches and tells them that Nick won 50 thousand dollars gambling and asked Chelsea to marry him.

She tells him to just go away. He says that since they love each other they should step it up a notch. She says no again and he wonders if it's a problem with him. She says it's not him, she doesn't want to marry anyone. He says she should be flattered and she says the bump on the head affected him. He tells her he's getting married with or without her. Stephanie, Jett, and Jeremy watch on and assume things didn't go well.

Jeremy approaches Nick and asks how he would feel about doubling his money very quickly. They discuss this and Nick tells him he has to go and wishes him luck. Nick approaches Stephanie at the bar and they discuss what happened with Jeremy. He says he wouldn't buy a used car from him and she says she has to go. A woman that looks like she's just a little bit older than him sits down and asks if he'll buy her a drink. She says her name is China Lee - she was named after the country in which she was conceived. He says it's good she wasn't conceived in Uzbekistan.

Jett says that Nick clearly knows what he wants and Chelsea says the last thing she needs now is to be tied down to a husband. Soon, Nick and China Lee approach and Nick says that this is the future Mrs. Fallon. After Chelsea says that he's really crazy and takes off, he tells China that they're not really getting married, obviously.

Ilsa shows up at Max's room and immediately says she has no time for him. He tells her he paid for the time. She asks if he has protection and he says he just wants to talk. They do talk though Ilsa doesn't say much. Soon, of course, Jeremy comes in, looking angry. He tells Max that he's really getting on his nerves and Max says that the feeling is mutual. Stephanie shows up and Max tells Jeremy that things aren't over. Of course, as soon as he steps back into the casino he gets picked up by a couple of ugly thugs.

Lexie sneaks into Bo's office where he assures her that Abe wants to see her and that he will forgive her. She jumps when she hears a knock at the door - it's just John. John tells them they want to use her as bait for Andre DiMera. Bo says that is just too dangerous for her and she argues that this is her chance to make things alright. She says she is sure that she wants to do this.

John has a special phone that can send Andre a text message that looks like it came from Stefano. He sends the text message and Lexie gets ready to do the right thing. Lexie says that when Sami comes home, they will have to put the past behind them. John gets a text message which sounds like a phone call. Uh, weird. Bo tells Lexie it's not too late to back out and she says she really wants to do this.

Lucas frets and EJ says that it is just a DiMera scare tactic. Marlena wonders if he is as sorry as when he raped Sami, or shot John. Soon Roman shows up and says they have searched a 300 mile radius and Sami is nowhere - she has dropped off the face of the earth. Tony comes in and says that he has news. He tells them that Stefano is up in the air and will be airborne until he has fully recovered. He will even have his plane refuelled in flight. Nobody can believe it. Lucas says they should try to force the plane to land. Roman tells Marlena not to worry as they will find her. Everyone leaves and Tony stays to comfort Marlena. He tells her that he is living proof that Stefano doesn't always prevail. Soon John comes home with some good news. Tony says that he has to go.

At the police station, EJ and Lucas discuss Sami. EJ says he really is sorry for what he has put Sami through and he knows he will be an excellent father. Roman comes in and says they now have a location.

Sami, meanwhile, is up in an airplane somewhere with Stefano, Dr. Rolf and Bart. Rolf says that she is ready to make her charitable donation. Stefano wishes he could go back to olden times when things were much simpler. He plays with Sami's hair and wonders if he will be forgiven by G-d for what he is about to do. He holds her stomach and tells her he wishes things could be different. Stefano asks if they are ready and Rolf says that they are. Stefano has another look at Sami and we fade out.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 27, 2007 10:15 PM
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does anyone know where to find a pic and info on the bridesmaid dresses from carrie and lucas's wedding!?
also the name of shawn and mimis song, it was playing when they first got together and when they slept together for the first time!

-- Posted by: chrissy at August 3, 2007 5:12 AM

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