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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Jerry Springer Gives Nick Good Advice

Stephanie chases after Jeremy, who seems to be looking for someone. (Ilsa?) She tells him she wants to confirm that they're going to have dinner with her parents. Max looks on and has a suspicious look on his face. He follows Jeremy, who goes to some room and finds Ilsa. He tells her to stay out of sight and she says it won't happen again. He tells her to just do her job. Out pops Max who asks, "What is her job? I'd like to know."

Jeremy assures him it's a coincidence that Ilsa is there. He says that he doesn't know why she's here and there's a fight between Jeremy and Max. Jeremy says if he's so unhappy he shouldn't take the money they're making. Max says he is concerned about where the money is coming from. After enough arguing Jeremy says their partnership is over. Max says that he has no more business with Jeremy and he replies that there are some trade secrets that were shared with him. Max promises he won't say anything but if it turns out there was more than illegal clothing, he won't hesitate to call the police.

Max next goes looking for Ilsa. Nice course of action there, Max. He soon finds out that - are you ready for this? Ilsa is a prostitute that goes by the name 'Candy Cane'.

Nick is just losing, losing, and losing. Meanwhile, a guy that looks a lot like Jerry Springer just keeps on winning while women suround him and cover him in kisses. Chelsea says that he isn't being reasonable and he says she's like a nagging wife without being married. She tells him he can lose his shirt if he wants. Our dear friend who looks like Jerry Springer but is actually named Pete wonders if Nick's lady friend took off.

He says his friends call him Lucky Lucifer because he is just that lucky. His advice is that he needs to start growing some hair. Nick takes offense to this. Pete tells him he's just not playing properly. The forces of the universe won't notice that he's gambling because he's gambling with so little money.

Pete loans Nick his lucky charm which he says is his father's glass eye. Nick says it's a little gross. Pete tells the story about how his father lost his eye and then later bought the glass eye in a pawn shop and assures him the eye has never let him down. Nick puts some chips on the table as Pete encourages him again to grow some... hair. Soon Nick has $22,400 and thinks he should gamble it all.

Pete says the eye is only good for one more hand so he goes for it. Nick gets 16 and wonders if he should take another card and Pete tells him the next card is a four - he has been counting. It is a four and so he wins fifty thousand dollars. He thanks Pete and takes off. Pete thanks the dealer and tells her that anything Nick won can go on his tab. I guess Nick wasn't so lucky after all.

Chelsea soon finds him and wonders where he got all the money.

Chelsea finds Stephanie and makes a remark about Jeremy and Stephanie bashes Nick again. Argument ensues and finally Chelsea says that Jeremy is cheating on her. Chelsea explains that Max saw him with another woman and Stephanie says that they are both rotten friends and she hates them both. Stephanie then backpedals and wonders what Chelsea would do if it were true and she says that she would get in his face and make sure it never happened again. Chelsea leaves Stephanie alone to think about it.

Kayla comes into the pub where Patch is tending bar. He tells her that everything is on the house for her and pours her a glass of everything, apparently. She says she just was at Hope's house and he says he thinks the baby doesn't like him. She points at one photo with a teddy bear in it (along with Ciara) and asks how he would like to have one.

A teddy bear? No, a baby. He says he has noted that she is hinting. She says she just wants a second chance and he says they are having a second chance - the two of them. Yes, she says, and baby makes three. He says the conversation must end and she goes on saying that it would be good for them. He says being a dad isn't something he is good at. Yes, I would argue, but you've never really tried. He asks her if she is happy and she says she is and he says that they don't need a baby to make things better.

Shawn tells Belle he wants to get married and start their life together. She says she would like that and they kiss. He says that must mean yes and she gives him a bit of a stare. Belle starts listing places where she loves going with him. She then intonates that it is too soon and he says he is okay as long as some day she will be Mrs. Shawn Brady. Lots of robbling about Philip. They agree they both do want to get married. She says she just wants to be sure. They joke around and he picks her up and tickles her a bit - and then they kiss, of course. They talk about honesty and she confronts him about the job interview and how he didn't get on the plane. Suddenly she turns things around and asks him to marry her and he says he will marry her, of course. We freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 26, 2007 7:58 PM
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