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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Is He Into Me?

Stephanie asks Chelsea if she thinks that Jeremy likes her. Chelesea tells her that she thinks that Jeremy is really a jerk and she deserves better. Stephanie stomps out because she doesn't want to hear about it. Jett and Chelsea have a conversation about jerk Jeremy and how he isn't trustworthy.

Max finds a random woman crying in the Brady house. She tells him her name is Ilsa. When Jeremy comes downstairs he says that she's a good friend of his but can't even remember her name. Oh, right. He actually found her at the Cheatin' Heart. How appropriate. Max tells him they are nowhere near cool.

EJ struggles with the ropes around him. Tony tells him that he betrayed the DiMera family for the last time and is going to die now. Bart rigs up a shotgun so that if someone comes in, EJ will get shot. Tony wishes him a miserable short rest of his life and they take off. It's not long before John and Patch come to investigate and EJ can't tell them not to come in as he is gagged. Patch says they should go around the back way - rather, he will go around the back way and John will wait. Patch breaks into the place through the back but suddenly John manages to get in through the front. So much for waiting until Patch made sure everything was clear.

Fortunately for EJ, the shotgun was poorly aimed, so he is once again spared.

There's an entire conversation about Tony and how he could possibly not really be Tony. What a surprise on a soap opera. Someone pretending to be someone else. Next thing you know, Sami will pretend to be a man. No, that already happened. EJ, John, and Patch come in, pleased that they managed to save EJ's life. Just a few months ago everyone was itching to kill EJ and now they are trying to save his life. Funny how things work around here.

Bart and Tony discuss what they have surely just done and how they are going to tell Stefano. Tony doesn't seem too bothered about it. Bart tells him Stefano will go crazy when he finds out and Tony tells him that he will have Stefano committed if that's what it takes - and he will even destroy the entire Brady family. We freeze frame on a slightly wacky Tony.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 13, 2007 9:46 PM
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