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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: I Have To Put What Where?

Philip tells Belle that Shawn wants to move into the Brady mansion - er, the house. She's not sure if she wants to live in the Brady house and Shawn tells her that they really don't have that much money. They go over this and over this and over this. Finally Shawn "gets his way" and Philip is less than pleased.

Hope finds it to be so incredibly romantic that Roman and Anna are so nice to one another once more. Things would have gone a lot better had he not done the typical male thing and left before she got up in the morning. He admits that he has no idea what he is going to say to her the next time he sees her. They argue about this. It's not too long before Anna makes an appearance there. She makes a sarcastic remark about him getting her breakfast from the hotel restaurant.

Hope reminds Bo about their bet and how he has to do diaper duty until the end of December. She reminds him to use butt paste.

Stefano is quite pleased to hear that EJ is going to be the father of twins. He hasn't gotten a reaction from her because she's in a safe house. EJ tells him that they will raise the children as DiMeras so long as they end the war. Of course Tony butts in and makes fun of EJ. It's not too long before Stefano decides that they somehow have to get Sami back.

Sami tells Lucas they still can't fiddle around. She shows him a yoga dvd which she got for the purpose of exercise. Somehow things go from exercising to fiddling around again and Lucas pushes a button on the remote and some screams come on from the television. The police, of course, react by coming in with guns ready to shoot... something or someone. We freeze frame on a surprised Sami and Lucas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 2, 2007 2:26 PM
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