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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Another Bomb?

Philip and Billie meet up to talk about the messages that Philip has been getting. Billie borrows the tape so she can study it, or perhaps use it to play jokes on Lucas. Philip is just impressed that she didn't immediately assume that he had a child somewhere. He goes to see Belle and presents her with clothing. You'd think a man would let the woman he loves buy her own clothing. She says she can't accept the clothing. Oh, she finally accepts it.

Shawn tells Bo that he is considering proposing to Belle. He bemoans his fiscal situation and Bo realizes that he must be referring to the Philip situation. He doesn't realize that he is buying her clothing and when he sees her a little later she says that her mother bought them for her, but he can't pay her back.

Nick shows up in Las Vegas and soon finds Chelsea. Nick says they had a date and Chelsea tells him they fought and he says he doesn't remember any such fight - what is he doing with Jett, anyhow? This leads to Nick trying to start a fist fight with Jett and Chelsea clearly breaking up with him yet again. He takes it pretty well by finding some awesome clothing. He yells out to LV that he is ready to gamble and gets a thousand dollars of chips.

Jeremy tells Stephanie that he loves spoiling her. She thinks back to Chelsea saying he only does it when he's feeling guilty.

Max happens to hear Ilsa talking and wonders what she is doing in Las Vegas. He should probably ask. He asks her if she is okay and she says she can't really talk. Naturally, she reacts well - she gives him a nice slap across the face and tells him to stay out of her business.

EJ realizes that yes, he has some sort of bomb in his briefcase. He decides the best course of action would be to open up the briefcase to look at the bomb and the whole room fills up with smoke. When next they wake up, a quick people count indicates that Sami isn't there anymore. Bo and Roman are soon there and they deduce that Andre and Stefano must have taken Sami. After Bo and Roman go to find Sami, EJ tells Lucas they really have to find her.

Belle and Shawn find themselves looking at the moon. She speaks of it in poetic terms and he decides to propose. No freeze frame? Not at all.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 25, 2007 2:42 PM
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