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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Yes, Rolf is Back

EJ tells Sami to spit out her food because Rolf, who is working for Tony, is trying to poison her. Sami says that Rolf died and EJ tells her he obviously isn't. Lucas brings in the police officer and tells him to arrest EJ. EJ tells Sami to admit that he saved her life (again.)

They argue over this and Sami tells Lucas he should have the food tested so he goes to have that done. Sami and EJ agree that EJ has got quite a journey to go in getting Sami's trust. She says they have to go to see Stefano.

They decide that they will have to get Stefano out of the house somehow. Perhaps they should call 911 and have Stefano retrieved in an ambulance. The only problem is getting Lucas out of the way. EJ goes to distract the guard. He manages to do this by talking with him and then bending over feigning pain. Sami looks out the door and watches.o

Bo shows Hope the letter that Sami retrieved from the DiMera house in New Orleans and Hope points out how it mentions their family. They argue but agree to work on the letter together. Enter Julie and Doug, just returning from a nice stay in Crete. This time they are there to stay - at least until the writers write them off again.

They get right down to business with Doug remembering finding a secret room that had Horton and Brady family trees. Hope shows Julie the letter and thankfully, she is fluent in Italian. She reads the letter to them - it is from Santo to Stefano. It speaks of a woman that he loved that was not Stefano's mother - Colleen. The letter further says that the Brady family took Colleen away from him and so they should torment the Brady family.

Nick and Willow fight about the brush. She says that he's going to go to jail for stealing the brush unless he gives her money. He says he hasn't got the money to give her. Much struggling and suddenly she has a fall and hits her head on a rock. He asks her to stay out of his life and she doesn't respond.

Nick calls for an ambulance and then tries resuscitation and pleads with her not to die. Naturally, when the EMTs arrive they assume Nick is the father of the child they realize that Willow was carrying. Another one says this was definitely not an accident. We freeze frame on Nick.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 5, 2007 5:06 PM
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