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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Who Goes There?

Jeremy tries to make nice with Patch right from the get go - he introduces himself and Stephanie says that he's just a friend of hers. You'd think that this would lead to a brief conversation in which Patch says that it's nice to meet him and all would go just great but this is Days and so that's just not ever going to be the point. Patch and Stephanie have a long argument in which Patch basically says that he doesn't want to see the guy ever again and she tells him that he wasn't around for most of her life and besides, she has a right to date whomever she wants.

Patch takes Jeremy aside and asks how serious he is about her while Adrienne talks with Stephanie about why she is doing this all. Patch makes it clear that if he hurts Stephanie, he is in for a world of hurt. Jeremy makes a patch joke which goes over less than well.

Belle and Philip fret because they got to the pageant just a little too late thanks to flight related delays. In possibly somewhat interesting news I actually saw this set in person when I went on the NBC tour in Burbank. At the time the tour guide asked if there was a baby shower or something because in the absence of people, it does look like it could be a baby shower. Seeing it set up now, of course, it is obviously the pageant. I might just write about the tour if anyone is interested. Belle shows the person at the pageant a photo of Claire and she says the woman looks familiar. It turns out that whomever brought Claire had her dressed as a boy - the woman shows the photo of Claire and it really is her.

Nick decides the most logical thing to do would be to tackle Jett. Punches all around. Naturally, it isn't long before Nick goes to throw up. Jett speculates that Nick is drunk and in love. She says that she is worried that she still doesn't entirely trust him. He soon comes out to apologize to Jett but then returns to the toilet.

The Brady gang go to Doug's place and have a good look around, reminiscing on old times. Bo tells them all about how Shawn wasn't the father of Willow's baby. I guess this means they wouldn't have had to go on Maury after all. They discuss how the whole feud must somehow be related to this woman Colleen - if only they could figure out who she was. They decide to go into the tunnel and snoop around until finally, Bo comes across what appears to be a dumbwaiter, minus the waiter. They hear odd sounds coming from down the shaft and Hope posits that someone must be down there. We freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 13, 2007 4:09 PM
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