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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Tick, Tick, Tick

Belle says she is confident that Evelyn has Claire. She hasn't come this far to lose her again, she says - she misses her, seeing her face. Shawn reassures her that all will be okay. After a brief singing of Claire's favorite song they hear her crying. Belle goes on singing like a lunatic and Claire comes in. Evelyn tells "Jeffery" to come to her. Shawn comes in and Belle tells her to go to daddy and she runs... in slow motion... to Philip. Aw, sad music. Philip says Claire is so lucky to have so many people loving her. Shawn gives Claire a baloon - one that, yes, I have seen. Philip says he has accepted that Shawn is her father. Soon Philip tells Belle that Evelyn is in police custody and they have to show proof that Claire is their daughter. Shawn thanks Philip for everything he has done. A little later Philip tells him that he can't get a flight until the next day and reminds him that Claire chose him over Shawn and not to confuse Claire.

Lucas calls and asks about the police protection and they tell him too look outside. Officer Daniels is standing out there, a cool drink of water. He approves and says he wishes someone had told him. Sami comes out and asks if there is a guard outside and says she feels lucky to have her own body guard. She says it's time for him to satisfy his craving - ice cream and anchovy pizza.

EJ comes out in sweats and asks to see Sami. He says he is family - Sami is carrying his child. Huge argument with the guard. Lucas comes out and tells the officer to step back and he punches EJ. He tells him to get the hell out and EJ wonders what he is afraid of. EJ asks if he thinks he wants to harm his wife - he doesn't. He says it's imperative that he speaks to Sami. Long argument and Lucas tells him to shoot him if he comes close.

Sami finds a bag of garbage in her room and Will tells her that EJ sent her a text message. Will calls EJ a pathetic loser. Sami asks the officer if EJ came by and he explains that Lucas punched him. Sami says she wants to speak to him and the officer says it's okay as long as he stays in sight. Sami says it's sad that he texted her son. Sami wonders if he thinks that they should get married and EJ says that he knows better. Sami says she wants it to stop. He tells her he is turning state's evidence against Tony. Sami asks if he is turning his back on his brother and he says if it means he is protecting her, then yes. Lucas comes back and there's a big kerfuffle. They decide to go back inside - with the garbage? She wants to take the garbage out and he wants to go with her. EJ goes back to her apartment.

Bo lifts up the ballerina in the box and it is counting down from one minute and forty seconds. Doug and Julie wonder why they aren't answering and Hope tells them to get out. Julie says they need to call for help and Doug says he already did and this is when John and Marlena come in. John says they need to get out. Hope asks if Bo remembers how to defuse a bomb and he says they're about to find out. Oh, Bo. Your humor amuses. He says his main concern is that if he cuts the wrong wire the bomb will detonate. Marlena tells John that she's not going anywhere and she remembers telling John and the doctor that she's not going anywhere.

Bo decides to go for the yellow wire and Hope lets out an "eek" sound. No joke. Hope panics and tells him to cut the blue wire. She then panics again and tells him to cut the red wire because red means stop. He cuts it and the timer stops. They congratulate each other. Bo says he has the biggest blessing right there and John comes down and asks what happened and they explain. John thinks it's a DiMera job and of course the device starts blinking again and they jump out of the way, just in time for some really bad visual effects. Come on. Doctor Who in the 1960's looked better than that explosion.

Upstairs, people call and ask if anyone is hurt and of course everyone is just fine. The most bruised thing is everyone's egos. Oh, and something fell on Bo's leg but John and Hope get it off. Bo says if Stefano wanted them dead they wouldn't be having the conversation. The EMTs come and say they will help Bo get out. Doug asks how Hope is and he says she is fine. John explains that the bomb was just a message to them to stay away. Hope says they can't give up and Bo says they need to figure out what's going on.

Sami can't get the garbage to go down the chute and they discuss whose bag it is. Suddenly there is ticking heard and they determine it must be a bomb. Oh, freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 18, 2007 7:56 PM
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