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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: They Set Us Up The Bomb

Belle nearly gets into a fist fight over Claire's shoe. Evelyn, who says that it's her son's shoe that she bought at a thrift store, is confused as to why they think it's their daughter. A police officer comes in to hopefully defuse the situaiton. The key word here is hopefully.

There is much bickering and everyone tells the officer about how they lost Claire. Evelyn says she hasn't ever been west of Des Moines. Evelyn says that she has been doing pageants for money. Belle and Philip decide Claire must be nearby and go after her while Shawn stays to argue with the crazy woman. Yes, I realize that Belle went with Philip. They come back soon because they can't find Claire but a little while later after Belle flips out again we can hear a baby crying - it must be the sound effect machine that makes Claire's crying sound! Or it could just be Claire.

John and Marlena ask Caroline about Colleen and she doesn't want to talk about the subject matter. It would really upset Shawn Senior to talk about it. After some deliberation she decides to tell them about her. Colleen was Shawn Senior's sister and she died young. In comes Stefano to have a chat. He explains to them that Santo loved Colleen and never got over her death. He asks if they are aware of his offer to Sami and Marlena tells him to stay away from Colleen Jr., I mean Sami. He takes off and they decide they should speak with Sami.

Hope goes after Bo and finds him passed out on the ground. Thank goodness - he's not really dead. Lexie says that a month ago she was in an accident and woke up in the tunnel. The tunnel must really mess with your time perception because it has been WAY MORE than a month since the accident. Celeste soon comes in and embraces Lexie - she says she never gave up on her being alive and fills in Lexie about all the family doings. She is taken to the hospital and finds out that Abe will be there soon to have some bandages removed. She wants to be the first person he sees. After the last conversation they had, that makes perfect sense.

Hope is glad that Bo is okay and that the Brady family have a history of having hard heads. Now we hear the classic Stefano music. I'm sure glad I can hear it in stereo sound on my ipod if I want to. They find a photo album and inside is a photo of Colleen that is probably just Allison Sweeney. No wonder Stefano got confused - and no wonder he wants her for EJ. They also find a key in the album. They find a box which has a lock and wow! They key fits. Let's hope it's not a trap. A ballerina sort of pops upward and there's a beeping sound. Huh-oh. It curiously has a digital display of 1:40. Odd, because it's not one forty in the afternoon, and time doesn't usually go backwards like that... so that it's suddenly 1:24 in the afternoon - oh, yes. It must be a trap.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 15, 2007 10:33 PM
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