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Days of Our Lives: The Hilda-Lexie Beast?

Steve and Stephanie have what seems like yet another pointless argument in which Stephanie tries to explain to Steve that she can do whatever she wants without his interference and Steve just tries to explain that he is concerned about her wellbeing and just wants what is best for her. She storms out and says that she is going to find a new place to live. Adrienne tells Steve that he is spending too much time in the past - it's not his fault and he has to move on and move forward. Adrienne does an amusing job of pretending to be Kayla and talks to play Kayla.

Belle, Philip and Shawn figure out that Claire was entered into the pageant as a boy. They get ahold of the woman who brought Claire and tell her that she needs to come back because she won the grand prize. When the woman comes back, of course, they see that she didn't bring Claire. They ask for her to stay and have her sitter bring Claire back and the woman refuses. She begins to suspect that something is not quite right. Belle freaks out and screams at the woman that she is a child-stealing bitch.

Bo says that he's going to go into the shaft and everyone tells him it would be a terrible idea. They know that they heard some sort of human screaming and they are concerned about it. Bo goes down and looks around and soon we hear something that sounds like a punching sound and Bo stops talking. Hope wants to go in after him but Doug and Julie stop him. They hear the sound of climbing and they wonder if is Bo but it clearly does not sound like Bo, Doug says. I wonder what the sound of Bo climbing is. A strange person wearing a mask comes crawling out of the shaft and starts flopping around like a fish out of water and goes to choke Hope.

They manage to get the weird person off Hope and then grab the mask off and are shocked to see it is Lexie. She continues to flop around and grunts like a boar who still manages to look a lot better. Hope talks her down and suddenly she is less hilda-lexie beast and more Lexie. They ask her where Bo is and she says that Bo is dead. Uh oh.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 14, 2007 6:41 PM
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