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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Strapped To The Car

We finally get to meet the mysterious Stephanie's boyfriend - and he turns out to be a member of the Horton family. We also get to meet Jett Carver, Abe's nephew. No new blood here, I guess. Jeremy, the mystery boyfriend, tells them he has bad news - they have lost their investor and so they won't be able to go on their planned trip. They are twenty three thousand dollars short at the moment and can't find any good investors. Perhaps Max would be a good investor? No, says Chelsea - he doesn't have the money.

A little later, of course, Jett asks Chelsea if she's seeing someone and she says that she actually is. Long conversation about Nick and how awesome he is / how not awesome he is. Eventually Max comes into the picture and Jett tells him all about his airline idea - it will be called Touch The Sky. It seems to me that the people flying that airline will want to touch things other than the sky. The advantage will apparently be in the sexy flight attendants and the abundance of liquor. They won't have any competition other than that other airline that serves lots of liquor and has sexy flight attendants. Max agrees to invest and both Stephanie and Chelsea are given job offers. Chelsea passes and says Max will lose his money. Jett again asks Chelsea out but not for a date.

Lucas frantically tries to get a hold of Sami. He leaves to find Sami and Bo says that he and John should go and see Tony DiMera. They go to the DiMera mansion where they come face to face with Bart, who teases them. Tony soon comes in riding a horse and after some idle chat Bo asks what he did to Sami. He has no idea. They remind him of what happened in the warehouse and he makes a full confession. I'm kidding, of course. This being Days, he denies everything. They say that they will go and talk to Stefano and Tony says that Stefano isn't even here. Tony asks Bart for help and when he comes he asks if Bo and John are going to see Stefano. Tony then reminds them that they have no warrant and so they leave. Before Bo and John are shown the door Tony says that while they get their warrant, anything could happen. Bo and John leave and Bo deduces that the DiMera war must be back on full force.

Sami finds herself tied to a car seat, her hands tied to the steering wheel. There's a hose behind her, presumably leaking gas of some sort. She yells for help and then passes out. EJ comes and finds her and yells for her to wake up. This wakes Sami up. He manages to get into the car through the moon roof and cuts through the tape holding her. He just about starts giving her mouth to mouth when Lucas runs up and takes over. When she wakes up she thanks him for saving her life. EJ goes to get an ambulance and Sami tells Lucas to call Marlena. Naturally, there is no signal there. When EJ comes back she tells him that she knows that he saved her. You know how relationships work. Sami is worried and EJ says it was just a warning but he will look after her. Of course this is when Lucas comes in and says he will provide the looking, thank you very much.

Lucas punches EJ and accuses him of trying to kill Sami. When Bo comes he asks what happened and EJ reminds him of what he said about Sami being in danger. Lucas says EJ should be arrested. For... saving her life? Lucas drops it and leaves. Bo and John ask how he knew Sami would be there and they punch him a few times. He says he got an anonymous call - probably Tony. EJ says if John and Bo were serious at all they would work with him. Bo threatens EJ. After he and John leave EJ calls someone and says they need to talk, pronto. Freeze frame on EJ.

My thoughts : They had to get a Horton to be Stephanie's boyfriend? Couldn't be someone not related to people already on the show? Come on. I'm a little disappointed in Lucas right now. EJ went out of his way to save Sami's life and it was obvious that was what he was doing and Lucas insists on pursuing his irrational line of thinking.

Posted by Gordon on June 1, 2007 11:02 PM
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