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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives; So Good To Be Back

Chelsea tells Bo that she is just hanging out at the beach. A likely story. He says he thinks she is looking for something related to the Nick / Willow alleged crime. He pressures her and she finally says she will tell him the truth and shows him the hair brush.

Roman asks Nick why he would pay for Willow's apartment if he weren't sleeping with her and he says he's just a nice guy and besides - she was pregnant. Was the baby his? Of course not. Nick says he will say no more and Roman says he must be in love to have this level of protection - how is Chelsea involved? Soon Bo and Chelsea come in and he gets a guard to watch over Nick and Chelsea. He shows the brush to Roman and tells him how Nick stole it from the lab and how initially it was planted there by Willow and was being used to blackmail Nick.

Roman and Bo come back to Nick and Chelsea and they discuss what happened. Roman takes the hair brush and tells them he believes that Willow dying was an accident, and will throw away the brush and forget anything happened. Not anticipated, says Nick. Bo, however, tells him to stay in town.

Tony gets on the phone with (probably just one of) his lawyer(s) and tells him to get the ambulance back. He then tells Rolf that they have to send a message to Sami to stay out of their business.

Marlena comes to visit Sami along with John and Belle but her room is empty. They ask the guard where she is. When Lucas comes back he is less than pleased that his phone and wife are missing. He calls his phone and Tony picks up the phone - Lucas tells him he's going to jail for kidnapping. Tony says she's not a kid and he should protect his bride better. Lucas says he will go to the DiMera mansion and John goes after him. Marlena decides now is the time to ask Belle why she moved in with Philip. She says it wasn't quite their first choice but it would be the best way to look for Claire.

Stefano mistakes Sami for Colleen and EJ says it's Marlena's daughter Samantha. Stefano asks what she wants and she tells him about the deal exchanging stem cells for peace. He tells her to get away from him and EJ tells him he needs to listen. The EMT tells them that Tony must have a good lawyer because they have to take Stefano back. They lift up the oxygen tent and ask Stefano how to end the feud and he says the wrongs of the past must be corrected and only Shawn Senior will know how.

Lucas and John find their way to the DiMera mansion and start right off arguing with Tony. Lucas starts throwing things around like a little child and Tony calls him on his tantrum. Soon, Sami, EJ, and Stefano are back and Lucas asks where she has been.

Stefano asks how Marlena is doing and John retorts that she is looking forward to dancing on his grave. EJ, Lucas, and Sami have a great big argument and Sami insists that this entire ordeal is bigger than just EJ - it involves their entire family. Everyone but John and EJ leave and John says that everything is clear to him know and he remembers what happened - and he owes EJ one. One what? He takes out a large knife (Crocodile Dundee have fear!) and tells him he is going to take his kidney. EJ dashes off.

Alone, Stefano tells Tony that the Brady family must never find out the truth about Colleen and he agrees to it. Stefano pours himself a drink and says that it is good to be back. We freeze frame on Stefano.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 7, 2007 2:54 PM
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