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Days of Our Lives: Sami Says Don't Hate Me

Sami wants to do oh so much when he gets out. Lucas, for once in his life, has nothing to say. He finally comes out and says he is worried about her. He once again doesn't trust her. Maybe by dinner time he will trust her again. She tells him all about the meeting with Stefano and how he mentioned Colleen - and how they have to find out about her. He says he forbids her from being involved any further. Rehash of old argument. Lucas leaves to talk with Bo and as soon as he leaves EJ calls and says that he has to see her.

EJ finds her signing her release papers and gives her a note from Stefano saying that they can maybe settle their business forever. She wonders if it's real and he says that she can't afford not to take the truce. She tells him that she promised Lucas she would be good and this is definitely not good. She says she's not intersted in going and he says it's a mistake. She tells him to get out and he starts to leave but then she calls him back.

Belle and Philip meet at Brady's pub. He says that some guy named George, who will be meeting them, saw someone with a baby that looked a lot like Claire. Shawn is at Bo's for some reason. They rehash old conversations which surely makes it easier for the writers. Stemmer comes in to find them.

When Belle shows him a photo of Claire he says that it was definitely Claire he saw with a strangely panicked woman who was wearing sunglasses and a big baseballl cap. He fails to fill in details such as the team she was rooting for. She had a backpack with the word USA-DORABLE on it. Philip quickly searches for it and finds it - it's a beauty pageant for children. The next pageant will be in Chicago - Philip and Belle agree to go.

Bo and Shawn talk about Claire and how Philip may have a lead on her. He tells her the real reason he asked her over and it's not pretty - and tells him about how Willow died. They're not sure if it was really an accident or not but they're pretty sure she's really dead - the baby didn't survive, either. Bo suggests that they take care of the arrangements for the funeral. They will get a DNA test taken to make sure Shawn really was the father. Shawn says he will go to the pub to see Philip, Belle, and the guy that is supposed to help them.

Lucas finds Doug, Julie, Bo and Hope all discussing the situation and he tells them what Sami said. Bo tells Lucas that he should give Sami a little space and she could possibly surprise him. That's what he's worried about. He soon goes back to the hospital where he finds a note from Sami that says "Went to see Stefano - Be back soon. Don't hate me. Sami"

Lucas is less than chuffed.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 8, 2007 9:42 PM
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