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Days of Our Lives: Rolf and the Poison Food

Nick introduces himself to Jett. Jett asks if Nick is the geek Chelsea talks about - he means that in the best sense of the word, like when he was in the air force. Ton of conversation about Jett's name coming from a movie and Nick having a movie name, too. Nick has to leave to take a phone call. Jett and Chelsea talk about the Air Force and their new business. They talk and it gets friendly - and Chelsea suspects he is flirting with her. It's useless, she says, because she has a man. He shows her a photo of his fiancée. Curious that he didn't show it off earlier. I wonder if it's a Glamour Shot like the one Napoleon Dynamite used.

Nick's call is from Maggie who says that she got a call about his credit card being over the limit and he figures out how that could be. He finds Willow and tells her to give his credit card back. He says he's through with her - no more apartment, money, or anything - she can just go to the police if she wants to.

Nick goes back and tells Chelsea the good news. She kisses him and it's not too long before Maggie comes in and tells them that Nick's room was broken into and it was all messed up. She demands to know what is going on. Willow, meanwhile, has found the brush and calls Nick to tell him as much. She will give it to the police unless he gives her everything she wants.

EJ threatens to kill Tony if he doesn't stop messing with Sami. He knows that it was Tony that called for Sami to be killed. Tony wonders if Sami is okay and EJ says that he knows already. He will go straight to Stefano if he has to and Tony says he's just wasting his time with Sami. They argue about this and Tony tells him that Sami will never be his.

After a lot of arguing Tony implies that Sami could be in danger at the hospital and he is wasting his time with him and EJ leaves. Tony tells Bart, who was apparently hiding, that he should make "that" call. Reminds me of the Threadless shirt - Being Vague Is Almost As Good As That Other Thing. The name speaks for itself and it should be Salem's motto. Tony decides to stomp on a photo of EJ for good measure. I'm sure there are viewers out there who would want to take that stomped photo and put it under their pillow at night.

Sami is relieved to hear her baby is okay despite the carbon monoxide she inhaled. After the doctor leaves she says she just wants to go home. She says if Lucas won't help her with the letter she will just have to do it herself. Long argument over this. She thinks they can finally end the feud and all will be well with the world. Outside, friendly neighborhood Rolf (not the muppet) gets off the phone after saying he knows what to do and brings food to Sami and tells her the doctor told him to bring it in.

EJ enters the hospital and spots Rolf getting on the elevator he is leaving. He asks the security guard if Rolf had brought food in. Sami starts cutting into her food - slowly, of course. EJ manages to get into the room and as Sami starts to put some of it in her mouth he yells that it will kill her and she needs to spit it out. We freeze frame here.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 4, 2007 6:54 PM
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I saw Hope and Bo with a baby carriage in the brady's pub yesterday. I am a teacher and have missed many episodes. Did Hope have a baby? If so, gender and name please!! Tamm

-- Posted by: tamm at June 8, 2007 4:42 PM

That's one thing my blog is good for, I guess. :) For the great details you can look back and enjoy the last year or so.

To sum up, Hope slept with Patrick Lockhart while separated from Bo and when she ended up pregnant it was thought that Patrick was the father - indeed, Patrick paid a doctor to change the test results to say that he was the father. The baby was born on December 26th and only then did Patrick admit that Bo was the father.


-- Posted by: Gordon Davidescu at June 8, 2007 4:57 PM

Right, right. Need to finish answering your questions. It's a girl and her name is Ciara Alice, a name voted for by DOOL viewers online. :)


-- Posted by: Gordon Davidescu at June 8, 2007 5:02 PM

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