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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Patch is Back and Disappointed

Jeremy makes his way over to Chelsea and wants to know what her beef is with him. She gives him a list long enough that he could very well have fallen asleep were she not speaking so harshly. He wonders if she appreciates his lack of clothing and her look makes it obvious that she does not. He does the next logical thing and kisses her. She yells at him - what will Stephanie say? He says they have that kind of relationship where Stephanie knows he wasn't being serious.

Chelsea calls Nick and leaves him a message and naturally she leaves her phone there so that when Nick calls, she doesn't answer the call. Somehow the fact that she doesn't have the phone escapes her.

Shawn looks at the results of the DNA report - nope, he was not the father of Willow's child. The big question is: who was? Nick soon comes in and Bo tells all about the letter from Willow - everyone is free to go. Shawn tells BO that he feels bad about Willow - he broke her heart. Nick, meanwhile, leaves a message for Chelsea saying he has great news. Bo says he will loan him the money for Willow's funeral and Shawn and Nick go to the pub to wait for Chelsea. A long conversation ensues and Nick decides to get good and drunk. He realizes that he got a message from Chelsea while his phone was on silent and goes off to find her.

Stephanie and Jeremy go right at it as soon as he and Chelsea arrive for the big party. She's not worried about her parents coming because they're still on Tinda Lau working on her father. Chelsea and Stephanie change into their flight uniforms but Chelsea soon gets bored of being there. Jett gives her his shirt and they take off. Chelsea tries calling Nick but he doesn't answer. They talk about the Billie situation and how, in some ways, she still isn't over that. Nick walks right on in and says he is going to kick Jett's rear end.

Sami screams and oddly finds herself alone and faced with a huge forklift. Lucas hops into the forklift and stops it. They hear EJ yelling out in the distance. They have to unbury him from some rubble and Lucas asks why they are even there to begin with. Sami doesn't want to say but EJ tells him how Stefano will end the feud if EJ and Sami get married and raise the child as theirs - a DiMera. Sami says she turned him down and they argue over whether this was all just an EJ setup.

Jeremy, suddenly only wearing a towel, pays for a pizza and soon the doorbell rings yet again and Jeremy answers the door to find himself face to face with Patch and Adrienne. Patch asks him who he is and we have a freeze frame moment.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 12, 2007 3:45 PM
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