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Days of Our Lives: Nick Swears He Is Innocent

Much like in his vivid imagination, Nick realizes that he could be in a lot of trouble. He calls (presumably Chelsea) and says that something happened to Willow and he is indubitably in trouble as a result. Soon Nick is at the police station and Chelsea comes in to find out what is going on. He tells her that Willow is dead. Nick tells Roman the entire story of how Willow fell and he tried giving her CPR but it was to no avail.

Roman says he doesn't understand why he was with Willow to begin with and tells Chelsea perhaps Nick isn't as honest as she thinks he is. Much arguing. Roman again asks why they were there and he says that she wanted to borrow money and he refused. A struggle ensued and things went down to rock from there. Roman says he needs to get this on tape and Nick asks for a moment with Chelsea to say goodbye and this is apparently okay. Nick tells her he needs a favor - the brush is buried and he needs her to chuck it. She is okay with this. Nick goes in to see Roman and he asks him again why she wanted money and he explains that he had loaned her money before. Naturally this leads to him asking how long they were sleeping together.

We see yesterday's hijinks with EJ all over again. EJ fakes pain and the guard goes for a doctor - and Sami sneaks out. Good one, EJami. They go to the DiMera mansion and EJ calls 911 and pretends to be a weak and dying Stefano. After he hangs up the phone rings - 911 tends to call back.

Rolf tells Tony that Stefano is growing weak. Tony says if Stefano dies he will hold the Bradys accountable - every one of them. Bart comes in and tells him that an ambulance is on the way. Tony says that he should tell them it was a mistake and he responds that legally they have to send an ambulance if a call comes in. Tony says to not let them in.

The EMTs arrive and insist on going in. EJ tells Sami they should sneak into the ambulance. Of course, Bart comes along to stop them. He brings them in and Tony questions them. EJ says he was just worried about his father. The EMTs bring him downstairs and tell Tony he is being taken to a hospital. Tony argues with the EMTs as Bart watches EJ and Sami - or rather, he should have been. Somehow they manage to slip out and leave their phones at the same time. Curious.

Julie reads the Italian letter to the Brady Pub gang. Just like yesterday it says that Stefano should pursue the Brady family for what they did to him - stealing his love Colleen. Hope says they have to find out who Colleen was. Shawn Senior didn't particularly want to talk about it. They wonder if Bo is afraid of asking his father and he says... well, maybe a little. Bo goes over to Shawn Senior and asks about Colleen and he says he has never heard of her. Standard DOOL response. They think perhaps there could be a clue in the tunnel leading out from Doug's Place. Bo asks his father again who Colleen is and he tells him not to push it. Bo tells everyone he will ask Caroline in private about this Colleen matter. He gets a call and has to go.

Chelsea goes out to the beach and starts digging for the brush. Bo finds her and asks her what she is doing there.

Sami and EJ get into the ambulance. EJ moves the oxygen tent as he tells his father he needs to speak with him. Stefano takes one look at Sami and thinks she is Colleen and marvels that she is alive.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 6, 2007 1:30 PM
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