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Days of Our Lives: Kate Blackmails Nick

Sami is about to have a fit of some sort but Lucas and Marlena assure her that everything is going to be okay. They tell her that she can't sue the hospital for not telling her that she was pregnant with twins. Sami can't believe that there is a possibility that the twins may have different fathers but as I said it does happen and I know people who have two different fathers and are twins. I guess Sami wasn't listening to me yesterday. Hee hee. Later, she and Lucas have a heart to heart about things and he admits that he is going to have a hard time dealing with things if it turns out that EJ is the father.

Kate tells Nick that if he doesn't make sure that EJ is the father, she will reveal that he stole the hairbrush from the lab for Chelsea. Very reluctantly, he agrees to do it and she tells him that he is not to tell anyone that he is doing this, particularly Chelsea. Marlena tells him a little later that if EJ is the father he is to call her first.

EJ is brought in to see his father who promptly tells him he lied to him and gives him a good slap across the face. EJ swears up and down that he didn't lie and that he really thought that Anna was just visiting for legitimate reasons. He tells him that he's not sure he can trust him anymore and EJ says that he will do whatever it will take to regain his trust. Stefano tells him to deliver some trunks to an airplane that is going to Las Vegas because Tony is busy handling other matters. EJ agrees to do it.

Max and Jeremy the Jerk get into a big argument after Stephanie reports for duty an hour early and he yells at her. Max nearly pulls out of their agreement because of Jeremy's poor treatment of Stephanie but ultimately stays in. EJ comes aboard and gets the money from Jeremy and wonders what is in the trunks and of course Jeremy doesn't tell him. Max finds EJ and tells Jeremy that it's a bad idea to work with EJ. EJ meanwhile argues with Tony. Curious, because Stefano swore that he would end the in-fighting. Let's hope he manages to do it somehow. Jeremy tells Max that all they really have to do now is get to Vegas, sell the product, and split the money.

My thoughts: Uhm, I don't think the trunks contain knock-off clothing. I'm not sure even Jeremy realizes what he is dealing with. I also still think that there's a good chance the twins will be split between EJ and Lucas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 27, 2007 3:04 AM
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