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Days of Our Lives: Hope is Caught in the DiMera Mansion

Much celebration on the plane as everyone watches some sporting event. Chelsea tells Stephanie that she is happy with Nick and really wishes that she would stop talking about how great Jett looks in his uniform. Stephanie reminds her that just minutes ago she was talking about kicking him to the curb and she says she doesn't really feel that way. Jett comes back to talk with Chelsea and says that he wants to apologize. Jett admits that Nick is not a loser as he has her. He feels sorry that he put Nick down and she says she appreciates it. He says he should apologize to Nick to his face to try to smooth things over. Perhaps the four of them (with Jett's fiancee) could go out some time. Stephanie thanks Max for sticking up for her and he says that Jeremy has a problem. He says that Jeremy is a bully and the next time he runs his mouth at her he will put his mouth in it.

Stephanie says he's totally wrong about Jeremy and he comes out and wonders what Max has been saying. Stephanie says it's about his flying ability and Max says he is a first class snake. Jeremy says he will prove him all wrong soon and tells Stephanie to grab him a ginger ale. I preferred the ginger Stephanie. They go to the back and make out and Jeremy asks to join the mile high club but asks for her help - she has to get Max to stay as a partner. Max, meanwhile, has told Chelsea that he wants out.

Nick goes to see Billie and tells her that Kate is blackmailing him. Billie asks for clarification and Nick explains what happened. She wonders what her mother has on him and he says it involves Chelsea. They sit down and Nick tells her that someone told her everything about the hairbrush and Billie admits that moron would be her. She thought she could trust Kate and surely everything will be okay.

Nick says if he doesn't do what Kate wants his career will be over and he will go to jail. Billie calls her mother, of course but Nick stops her. Kate comes anyhow. Billie confronts her and Kate says at worst there was 'wishful thinking' and she claims to have no idea why he would do that. She was just joking! Kate says they should order some food. Soon Kate admits she hopes that EJ is the father of the twins and Billie is surprised that it will be twins. Billie says she just might tell Lucas and Sami what Kate did - she wouldn't want to be locked out of her grandchildren's life. Kate offers her apologies and after Billie goes to pay she tells him that he made a big mistake by telling Billie and so he runs off. Billie asks what happened.

Steve dances around to some crazy music and Tony turns it off. He tells her that he is expecting company and Steve says he knows who is coming over and wishes him luck. Stefano comes in and says he won't be joining him for dinner but he is to find out why Anna is in Salem - she is not to be trusted. Stefano tells him to find out what was discussed with the Brady family and asks if Steve is in the house as he seems a bit off.

Hope comes home and Bo fits her with a wire but manages to tickle her at the same time. She worries that without Anna distracting the DiMeras, it would not work out. They look outside because they hear yelling and see Roman and Anna arguing. They come in and Anna worries that things won't go done. Bo says that they are ready to "get 'er done" whenever they are. He actually said "get 'er done". Really.

Bart is introduced to Anna and after a friendly kiss he goes in for something more serious and has to be pulled off. She says he's a strange man and she thanks Tony for inviting her. Bart brings in wine for them and Tony tells her about the wonderful dinner they are to have. She tells him about lunch with Roman at the Cheatin' Heart.

Hope tests out the microphone and it seems to work well enough. They argue about Roman and Anna - Hope says Roman is crazy about her and Bo says she drives him crazy. They make a bet about this - if he loses, he has to change diapers until late December and if not, he can have 'power' for a month. He takes the bet and sends her over. He encourages her and Steve finds his way over. He tells Bo that he drugged the dinner wine so Hope could easily get in without getting caught.

Anna and Tony dance slowly and she compliments him on it. He suddenly asks if there is a reason she is back in their lives and she gives over the letters from Colleen - she found them in the garage. He thanks her and then asks why she was at the Brady Pub and encourages her to not lie because he will know. She gets a funny look on her face. She says it's because they were friends and he says he knows there is more. She says she feels dizzy and he accuses her of cheap theatrics. He accuses her of drugging her and passes out. Tony calls for Bart who is drinking wine and he passes out. Bart says the wine is not drugged and then passes out.

Steve tells Hope over the wire that he drugged Tony so she shouldn't worry about running into them. She goes into the house and comes across Tony and the gang sleeping, so she takes a quick photo before starting to search around. She finds the letters, of course, under a cushion of a chair and says she will photograph them all - using, needless, to say, her phone camera. Bo wonders what he can say to Steve and he says he can thank him and accept it as proof that he is on the right side. Hope tells Bo she took the photographs and then put the letters back. Bo hears Stefano asking where Tony is and Bo tells her to get out before she is seen and of course soon Stefano asks what she is doing there and what she did to Tony but instead of answering we freeze frame on Hope.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 27, 2007 3:40 PM
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