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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Hope and Patch, Kissing?

Nick is confronted with Kate and one of the board of directors from the hospital. She says they have been talking about him. She has been saying that she appreciates what Nick has done for Sami and thinks he has a great future and he tells him to keep up the good work and takes off. Kate tells him to keep up the great work because otherwise his bright future will end. By that she means she will tell the director about the hairbrush. She leaves.

Stephanie has been too busy doing her job to think of ways to keep Max onboard, as it were, with the company. She encourages him that Max likes the band Linkin Park. They go out and toast the five of them. They eventually arrive in Las Vegas and the person who was supposed to meet up with Max and Jeremy finds them and gives them the money. Max can't believe how much money there is but that's not all - Jeremy gives him tickets to see Linkin Park as well as backstage passes.

Chelsea just wants to get some rest and someone tells her that since she is new she has to sleep on the floor. Lots of gambling all around including some strip poker. Max suddenly seems in good spirits and Chelsea questions this.

Stefano has apparently discovered Hope and Bo wants to go in but Patch stops him. He goes in and makes up a story about how he and Hope are together now and of course Stefano won't just take his word so he kisses her. Bo isn't exactly happy but doesn't say anything to stop him. Stefano dismisses Hope and after taking her back to Bo, Steve tells him that she took some pictures - he's really on their side.

Bo brings the letters and Julie says she will get them translated. Uh, didn't she translate the other letter herself? What happened to that? Anna asks Roman to take her to bed - she didn't, however, mean to sleep with him. He misunderstands and they argue.

Stefano says that all the Brady family has to do to find out who murdered Colleen is to sit and watch. He says if they ever found out the truth, they would never recover - and we freeze frame on Stefano.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 28, 2007 6:17 PM
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