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Days of Our Lives: EJ is the Father - Even Without A Test

Shawn feels blue that Claire went to Philip instead of him and thinks it means she looks to him as a father. Philip says he didn't want that to happen and she just probably went to the first familiar face she saw. Philip hands Belle the divorce papers. I think it took longer for him to get those to her than the marriage actually lasted. She feels sad to be divorced before thirty. Belle, I'm turning thirty next month and I have never been married. How sad is that?

Belle asks Philip if he could help find a job for Shawn. He says he will try to find something for him. He knows of an auto parts company based in Cleveland - he would have to travel but still work from Salem. How convenient. Belle goes to see a swimsuit that Hope bought for Claire and Philip says they have to find somewhere else to live.

Roman takes Sami and Lucas to a safe house. Sami immediately wants to clean and disinfect the place. This would be a good place for a Lysol ad. I can just hear that annoying whistling now. After Roman leaves Lucas suggests something for beating the blues and Sami says there are probably cameras everywhere - she doesn't want to be on YouTube. (Too late.)

Kate goes to visit EJ and delivers the good news - he is the father of the twins. Well, at least that's what the test results will say. She doesn't want Lucas to be the father because EJ being the father will drive Lucas away from Sami. Yup, another one of her plots. EJ says the babies being his will help end the Brady-DiMera feud. Nick calls and tells her that he didn't actually do the test and so there are no 'real' results. Kate congratulates EJ on being the father.

Nick gives Marlena the envelope containing the results of the amnio. She looks less than pleased. After she leaves he talks to himself and asks if he is proud of himself. He doesn't answer.

Marlena takes the results to Sami who is even less happy. Lucas tries to comfort her, saying he will be there for her. He swears he will stay with her for at least the next sixty years.

Marlena sees Nick again and she says they will just have to accept it. After she leaves he tells himself that he has to really do the test and find out the truth.

Roman comes to the DiMera mansion, at the invitation of EJ - he is surprised to see Kate there. EJ tells him the good news and hopes that he can see Sami since he is the father of her twins. They argue for a good long while and he just leaves. EJ worries that Lucas will manipulate Sami in the safe house and has to figure out how to get in touch with her.

Roman goes to see Bo and Hope and tells them the good news as well as the bad news. When Hope goes to get coffee, Roman says he thinks he may be in trouble. He admits that he slept with Anna and of course, Hope comes out just in time to hear this.

Shawn tells Philip that they will stay with Bo and Hope - uhm, along with Chelsea and Jeremy? I thought the DiMera mansion was big. Perhaps Philip could live in "Europe" for awhile and Philip says they should hear what Belle thinks and she walks in to hear this. Oh, no freeze frame.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 29, 2007 6:47 PM
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I think they need to hurry and bring Mimi and her baby back into the picture so that Philip can play daddy to his own child.

-- Posted by: dawanna dace at July 5, 2007 11:10 AM

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