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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: EJ is Disloyal

Lexie thinks she's not looking too great. Doctor Bergman comes to tell them there is bad news - Abe won't be ready to see them because of headaches. They are worried his eyes aren't doing so well. Lexie thinks maybe she should just leave Salem and not come back. Celeste discourages this kind of thinking. Lexie is glad that she did so and so Theo comes in to see her.

Does Anna really want money to help with the DiMeras? Sami says she will do it and Lucas says she won't. Hope says she will do it and that is settled. This causes some argument and Patch comes in and says he will be the one to do it, and that is that. They worry that he is still under DiMera control but he says that's all over with.

Lucas, meanwhile, argues with Sami and says she is going to put an end to their marriage. He wants her to go to the safe house and get the amnio.

Stefano tells EJ that he will take control of Tony but it doesn't matter because EJ is the future of the family. He encourages EJ to speak with Tony and so he goes and does and they just end up arguing about power again. Tony tells him that if his health comes back he will be just like he used to be. EJ leaves and Bart comes to say that Anna is at the pub - they can test EJ this way.

Tony's phone rings - it's Anna. She says she found some letters from Colleen to Santo and she wants to give them to him. Stefano tells EJ to go and find out why she Anna is in the pub. Stefano tells Tony this way he can prove himself to him.

EJ goes and introduces himself to Anna. He tells her that he will say that she's just there for proper reasons

Patch comes into the DiMera mansion and greets one and all. He goes to get a drink and argues with Tony about proper manners. Stefano tells Tony to get rid of him and Patch says he is on their side - and tells them that Anna is on a recon mission. Stefano congratulates him and gives him a cigar and sends him to the balcony.

This is when EJ calls and says Anna is okay. Stefano tells Tony that EJ said Anna was just visiting. He is disappointed in EJ and goes to rest - and asks him to do something about Patch. Tony raises his glass to toast EJ, the "former prince" - and hopes he will soon rest in peace.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 22, 2007 9:59 PM
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