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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Anna DiMera Returns to Salem

Chelsea tells Max that Jeremy is not to be trusted - not exactly what he wants to hear given that he is just about to give him ten thousand dollars in cash. She tells him about how she and Nick broke up - he did the breaking up.

Jett says something less than pleasant about Nick and he hears him and tells him to stay away from Chelsea. He says he could be friends with Nick and he's not interested. Nick wonders how Jett's lady friend feels about him being so flirtatious and Jett says just like his fiancée, Chelsea can pick and choose her own friends. Chelsea approaches and Nick goes crazy-go-nuts and Chelsea tells him to leave.

Stephanie asks about Jeremy and wonders if he is cheating on her. Meanwhile, Jeremy fiddles around with someone named Jess.

Nick goes after Chelsea and apologizes and explains that he ultimately just wants to be with her but she says that it's over. They at least need a break and then he says he knows that he wants her and kisses her - doesn't she remember the night he saved her at Dune? They kiss. This is when Jeremy comes in and sees all and then goes out. Chelsea and Nick decide that they are going to go upstairs.

Jeremy finds Stephanie and comes up with all sorts of excuses and gives her some nice jewelry. Yep, that makes up for being a jerk. He tells her about Chelsea and Nick making up - and out.

Stefano and Tony both deny having anything to do with the bombing and Lexie being way down in the dumbwaiter. Roman says it's clear Stefano put the bomb there and he replies that it could have been there for ages. Roman says his crack crew has determined it was a new bomb. Roman asks if Tony tried to kill Sami and Stefano says that is ridiculous because she's carrying his grandchild. Roman says the child belongs to Lucas and Stefano says they can be a big happy family.

Stefano and Tony argue. Stefano wonders if Tony really was responsible for the bomb and imprisoning Lexie. Tony says that he will finish the Brady family if Stefano is not prepared to do so. Roman comes in and tells them that they are going to need access to the mansion so they can fill the tunnel with concrete. After Roman leaves, Tony says he barely recognizes his father. Stefano has a deep cleansing sigh and perhaps considers his mantra.

Sami asks if officer Daniels will go with them. He finally agrees to go and they look around but don't find anything. Naturally, Roman calls her. There's a siren sound and she says it's the television. He tells her they are having a family meeting. There is a mystery woman in the background. The person hands them a package. There are letters in the package and when they bring the person out of the shadows and Sami can't believe who it is!

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 20, 2007 9:02 PM
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