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Days of Our Lives: Willow's Free As A Bird Now

Chelsea and Abby meet up at Chez Rouge. Abby tells Chelsea how different Stephanie is and asks how things are with her mother. Chelsea breaks the big news of her breaking up with Nick. Chelsea said that it just wasn't meant to be and Abby argues this. Chelsea says that Nick took the hairbrush back because he thinks that she is guilty. How would Abby feel? She says she would feel hurt. Chelsea says she knows Willow took the brush and planted it but can't prove it.

Abby says this may be but Nick loves her. Chelsea says he doesn't love her enough. They argue this and Abby says that more than likely, Nick will now turn in the hairbrush. Chelsea says she feels bad for having used him a little bit. If she could go back and do it all over again she wouldn't have told him to steal the brush. She realizes that Nick was the best thing that ever happened to her. Abby asks why she won't go and tell Nick just that. THis is when Stephanie arrives and Chelsea says she looks different. Chelsea says they should have a night out and Stephanie agrees - Salem is dead. A little later she tells the story of Nick saving her life from the perverted doctor but also had slept with her mother. Stephanie says they should go have fun and she will have them home by seven thirty at the latest. I think she means in the morning.

Nick is visiting Willow - she thanks him for posting bail and calls him her hero. He asks what the next step is and she says she will do whatever it takes to survive. Willow says she will find some form of shelter. Nick asks her about employment and she says she has no qualifications. She leaves to sign her release forms. A little later Willow comes back out and Nick says he wanted to talk to her about the job thing. He says he wants to help her and doesn't even know why. She mentions the Uncle Mickey thing and he says unfortunately, she doesn't qualify. He tells her he will leave money for her to stay somewhere and reminds her that sometimes dreams do come true.

Abe and Theo play and he sends him upstairs. Kate comes to visit, ostensibly to apologize for her inappropriate behavior. He has a good chuckle and asks why she's really there. He nevertheless invites her in and when Theo calls for him he excuses himself. This is when Kate searches the desk. Abe comes back and asks what she is doing and she says she was looking for a pad of paper. Naturally, there was one just sitting there. Kate faints - or is that feign-ts - right there. She apologizes and says she could use a cup of tea.

He says he's not an idiot and runs through everything she has done. She wonders if he thinks she's coming onto him. No, not really. Abe suggests perhaps she should see Marlena - as a patient. He offers Earl Gray and as soon as he walks away she goes back to the desk and finds the photo of EJ and Sami together in the car. She puts it in her purse just in time for Abe to come out with her tea. She says she will have to take a raincheck on the tea and Abe stops her from leaving. She says he can frisk her and he passes.

He asks about the note for Celeste and she says there is no note. This is when Celeste gets home. He says she can explain to Celeste why she was rummaging through her things. We go over the long story again. Celeste asks if she found what she was looking for and Kate says she doesn't have time for this. She asks her to empty her purse and Kate says she has no right to do this. Abe tells her to let her go and Kate leaves. After Abe heads upstairs Celeste checks her desk and sees what is missing and goes after Celeste. Celeste grabs for her purse and the photo pops out. Kate says she won't hesitate to use the photo.

Lucas tells Sami that he needs to know if something is going on between her and EJ. This is when EJ pops in and Lucas tells him to leave. Lucas asks why EJ tried to scare Sami into thinking he was poisoning her. EJ asks what they're talking about. Lucas asks what happened with Vegas and how his car ended up by a burning cabin. EJ says his car was stolen and how could she come up with a creative story like him trying to kill her? EJ wonders if she is just making things up as she goes along? She says she is feeling woozy and perhaps it's the medication.

Lucas says he wants to know what is going on and EJ says there's something he and woozy have to tell him. EJ tells a fun story of romancing Sami on the French Riviera and then says it was just a bit of humor. Lucas says he would just as soon kill him and Sami's blood pressure goes right up and Lucas tells EJ to get out. EJ apologizes for upsetting her and says he's looking forward to her wedding, which should be unforgettable.

Lucas tells him he won't be welcome and will have security at the wedding. She says she doesn't understand why he's there and Lucas tells him to get out again and he leaves. Sami says she wants to be alone and rest. He says he's going to get some coffee and Sami sits alone and cries and her blood pressure goes way up again. Good thing EJ is right there and tells her to calm down and breathe. She says she thought she couldn't breathe and tells him that if he is going to kill him, he may as well just do it. EJ says it's obvious that she doesn't want him in her life. She says that he is the one who lied to him and then raped her.

Did he really think she'd want a future with him? She thinks he needs to get past it all and he says it's just getting started. Lucas and a security guard come in and they kick EJ out again. Lucas says he needs to know what is going on with her and EJ. He assures her that whatever it is, they will get through it. She says nothing has happened. He says that now is the time to tell him and she flashes back to Celeste telling her to tell Lucas. Sami tells him that no matter what, she loves him and she wants him to remember that. We freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 2, 2007 6:37 PM
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-- Posted by: rita at May 4, 2007 6:13 PM

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