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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives : Will Chelsea Ever Learn?

Nick tells Stephanie she must have had a death wish to have been up the way she was in the car and Stephanie calls him a chicken. Nick says, "Nobody... calls me chicken" and proceeds to get knocked out by the 1985 version of himself who is en route to get back to the DeLorean. Wait, no that's Back to the Future I'm thinking about. Stephanie tells him that he should have just been honest about sleeping with Billie. He wonders what happened to her in Dayton and she says that she realized that life is short. Also, she is no longer as red in the hair. She tells him to take a chance in life.

A police officer tells Chelsea that it's only lucky that Stephanie is alive - didn't her last car mistake cost someone their life? It's possible that she could even lose her license for ninety days. Didn't she already lose it?

Stephanie asks Nick to get her phone from the church since it is probably there and he says he will if she stops making fun of her. Chelsea comes in on his way out and Stephanie asks her if the police went easy on her and she says she probably will lose her license for the summer. Geepers. Last summer it was community service for killing your brother, now no license for nearly getting Stephanie killed - what's next? Stephanie asks how she liked it and Chelsea says she didn't - so why didn't she pull over? She says she didn't want to appear weak in front of Nick. Obviously it's all about Nick. Nick, incidentally, is at the church looking for her phone. Chelsea leaves and this is just when Stephanie gets her phone out from under the blankets.

Chelsea runs into her mother who tells her that everyone makes mistakes and they will find a way to make everything okay.

Hope enters the crime scene and asks what's going on and the handyman there tells her that her friend Kayla stole his drill. Hope gives him some cash and the drill is forgotten.

Kayla drills away at EJ's door. Hope tries calling her but she doesn't answer and then she sees WIll and wonders why he's not at the reception. He tells her about the latest mishap and she says it must have been EJ but they will surely get him. Kayla finally gets in and starts looking around.

Sami continues to try to explain the situation and begs Lucas to forgive her. Roman wonders why she didn't tell him and she says she couldn't. Roman tells EJ he should bring him in for questioning about Lexie's stolen car. He says Lexie loaned it to him and says even if he were arrested he would soon be out of jail. Lucas says the only thing he has to say is to Sami, and that is not to be upset - he calls her Mrs. Roberts.

Roman, who has apparently left, enters EJ's apartment with Hope and tells Kayla that she is breaking and entering. Kayla says that Tinda Lao is indicated on the map in the atlas that EJ left laying there and that must be where EJ sent Steve.

Sami is speechless. Lucas tells her to just say she is happy to be his wife and takes her hand. Kate asks if he is insane and he tells her he's going to start a new tradition and shoves a piece of wedding cake in Kate's face. He says it's honeymoon time and EJ stands in the way of the door. Sami gets down and says "No hard feelings" to EJ and shakes his hand with her right hand and punches him in the face with her left hand. Cheers from the crowd.

Kate tells him he messed things up and EJ says he has more planned. Kate is of course curious. He explains how he and Sami exchanged services - and her baby might really be his. A little later EJ comes home to find his apartment broken into and he asks if Roman will do something about what Kayla did and she gives him a punch and storms off. Nope - didn't see that, says Roman.

Sami says she was so worried he was going to leave her if he saw the picture and is relieved. He says that he completely trusts her and she realizes that he must have known all along. He says he heard voices when he was in the cabin and he is glad she saved his life. She says there's more to the story and he will probably leave her when he finds out. She tells him how EJ said he would help save him but she had to do something in return and she dances around it until he figures it out and says, "Not the baby!" It's like Dinosaurs - "Not the mama!"

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 10, 2007 9:46 PM
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