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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives - The Killer Mission

Hope and Chelsea have a heart-to-heart talk about her relationship with Nick and how things are heading towards the bedroom, so to speak. How should she know that she's ready? Awkward moment. Chelsea apologizes for asking and they discuss how there is trust yet some iffy moments in her relationship with Nick. Hope commends her on how far she has come in the last few months but implies she's probably not ready.

She wonders if she is just trying to be like everyone else or if she really cares about Nick. Does Nick even know that she is a virgin? She says she may have given on the impression that she was not - just like any good high school romantic comedy from the mid 80s. They discuss love and Chelsea determines that she does love him and so is ready for the next level with him. Not quite what she meant, she says - but not until after Chelsea left.

Nick panics as Aunt Maggie calls for him and yes - Willow is there. There's a regular I Love Lucy like exchange where Willow goes into the toilet and Maggie attemps to go in for asprin for Nick, and he gets her to not enter. Hilarity ensues. Soon Nick is trying to get Willow to leave again and she says that she is going to shower first. Chelsea comes to see him and he says he's changing and this means that she of course comes in. Return to I Love Lucy plot as he tries to keep her from going to the toilet.

It continues until he pretends to have a text message from work. Chelsea goes out to the hall and Willow comes out only to hear Chelsea - so she goes under the bed. Chelsea wants to have a good conversation about taking things to the next level and he says he can't have this conversation now. She of course overreacts and says he must not have the right feelings for her. She says they will talk when hell freezes over. Nick yells at Willlow that she ruined everything and wants her out.

Steve finds Shawn and Bo and says he's all better now. He has a plane for only a day so they should get going if they want to catch up with Philip and the gang. Bo says they're not going to go anywhere with him. Steve says that the good doctor fixed him in just a few hours. Bo agrees it would be a good idea and then asks Gabby if he can use their phone. The very same one that wasn't working the other day. He gets Hope on the phone and tells her what is going on.

He tells her to ask Kayla about Steve's condition. They discuss the plan to get EJ with Shawn's help and Shawn is unaware of it. This is when Gabby gets Patch's attention so Bo can talk with Shawn alone. Alone, Bo tells him not to go anywhere with Patch until they figure out what is going on.

Hope gets a visit from Adrienne who tells her all about Kayla getting a gun to stop Steve from killing Bo and Shawn. Hope proceeds to call Bo and tells him what she said about Steve. Bo decides to announce to the world, or at least everyone in hearing range, that Steve wants to kill them. We freeze frame on Shawn and Patch.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 15, 2007 3:34 AM
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