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Days of Our Lives: Steve Breaks Out!

Everyone panics and goes off on Duck for shooting Shawn, including Philip. Guess he was more of a friend than we thought. Belle encourages him to stay still while Duck encourages Philip to leave. Philip tells him that this isn't what he paid him to do. Gabby says the sheriff as well as a doctor are en route. Philip goes to leave and Belle says he'll have to kill her first. Shawn asks if he's really going to take their kid while he lays there bleeding to death. Belle pleads with him that this isn't good for Claire. Philip says that Claire will only be safe with him and Shawn begs him not to go but he does anyhow. Shawn tells Belle to go after him. Shawn calls Duck a miserable miserable and collapses.

The doctor tells Shawn that he's lucky the bullet went right through him and other than the loss of blood, he'll be okay. Shawn wonders where Philip is - probably still on the island. He says he has to go after Belle. The sheriff asks Shawn if he wants to press charges and he says he doesn't and then he amazingly finds the bullet that passed through him and gives it to hold as evidence. Shawn says that Philip's ability to manipulate people is a family thing. Gabby says he comes from the same family and he is okay. He says she wouldn't have said the same six months ago. Gabby tells him that she's going to help him find Philip - she owes him. Shawn finds the gun under the bar and Gabby says no more guns. He says he won't use it unless Philip refuses to give Claire over and Gabby says there's no possible scenario that would work out. He leaves and leaves the gun there - guess she convinced him.

Sami talks to herself about how great Lucas is. Lucas and Will come home and joke about getting a Leisure suit. Lucas wants to see the dress and she says he will ssee it later. They say they're going to get into their 'monkey suits' and it's not long before Celeste is there telling Sami that Kate has the photo. She encourages Sami to tell Lucas the truth. She says that's crazy. Much argument - we have heard this all before. The truth will set you free - no, it will ruin everything. Sami says Kate won't use the photo because it would incriminate EJ and Celeste says she doesn't care about that. A little later, Lucas comes out and he's looking dapper. Beautiful, Sami says. He tells her that the road they have taken has been worth every twisted turn and she says she has to talk with him.

Sami says it's about EJ - and just before she can tell him, he asks her not to tell him. He says EJ is in the past and has failed to tear them apart. He tells her not to give EJ any more power. She says he has a right to know and he says he doesn't want to know - other than to know that she loves him. She says she does love him and he says they should just be together and happy. He tells her to let the past be the past. How long was he with Caitlin Bree for, anyway? Sorry, that was from Clerks. Will pops out and takes a photo of the happy couple and she tells him to go and "download the photo". He says he will pencil her in for as many conversations as she wants over the next fifty years but now they have a wedding to get to. He says the next time he sees her will be walking down the aisle. They leave and she says she really tried this time. Sami's not wearing a wire so she's just talking to herself.

Big Angry Man tells Adrienne to keep away from Steve. She says she thought this was a community hospital. She and Big Angry argue and Bo and Kayla listen in and tell her to back off. Big Angry calls her a crip and Steve yells that she's his sister. Big Angry asks if this is a mission of mercy. She tells Big Angry that she is his sister, too - she's a nun - she is wearing normal clothes to put people at ease. She hopes G-d has mercy on his soul. BA still gives Steve a hard time and Adrienne says things are worse than she thought. Bo says that she will manage things.

This is just when Doctor Granger comes in and has a word or two with BA. Adrienne tells them this could be their only chance. Kayla tells Adrienne to put Steve on the wire. Adrienne tells Steve that she's not really a nun but she is his sister. She tells him that Kayla wants to talk with him and that Granger kept her out. She tells him that she's wearing a wire and she can hear him. He wants to turn her in. She asks him to just listen to Kayla for a minute. Kayla starts talking and he asks if it's really her. She says she's just outside and they're getting him out. He says he's confused. Adrienne tells him they're going home and this is when EJ comes in and wonders why Steve is now talking to himself. He spots the wire.

EJ asks Steve to tell him about his imaginary friend. He says that he has good news - Steve is being released into his care. Steve says he can't go with him - he has other plans. He's going with Adrienne - Kayla told him to do so. EJ finds the wire on Adrienne and mocks Bo and Kayla. Bo tells Steve to give EJ the wire and EJ tells Bo that the judge is a family friend and has given Steve over to them. EJ tells Steve that it's time for them to go. He reminds him that he's one of them. People start to get up and yell to let Steve go and BA comes in to intervene. The lights go out and and everyone starts yelling. A few minutes later, Adrienne and Steve pop into the car. Kayla tells him that everything is going to be alright and we freeze frame on Steve.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 7, 2007 2:49 PM
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