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Days of Our Lives: Philip, You are Not The Father!

Nick and Chelsea sit in church. She bemoans her lot in life and how she will lose her license. She regrets the driving - again. She gets ready to go but he asks her to stay. He realizes that Stephanie sent him on a goose chase. He tells her that he's sorry for not being there for her all the way and of course Willow is listening in on this conversation. Nick tells her that he really loves her and wants her love. They discuss love and Nick's phone rings - it's Willow. He says it's work and goes outside. She wants to stay with him and they argue this and then Chelsea comes out and asks why she is there and he says he just bumped into her. She goes back inside and he gives her some money.

Sami explains how she didn't want to sleep with EJ but had to. The baby could be EJ's. Lucas says he will kill EJ and Sami says this will make EJ win. He says he wants to know everything that happened starting from the cabin and she explains every last detail and then says he can leave her if he wants. No such luck, I mean, fortunately, he is not interested.

Philip tells Belle that he's going to leave her there and take Claire. They spend most of the episode arguing.

Bo finds Shawn (quick flight?) and Shawn says he lost his family. Shawn introduces Bo to Gabby and Bo tells them that he will find Philip and Claire. He wonders how he and Belle are and he says that Gabby is just a friend. They go to get a dog (Bo's idea) and Shawn gets something with Philip's scent on it.

Philip and Belle continue to argue and he hears a dog and takes off. Belle finds Philip's GPS and hides it. Shawn approaches and asks Claire how his little girl is doing and Philip approaches from behind and says he should ask her real father. We freeze frame on an obviously not clear on how paternity works Philip.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 11, 2007 6:01 PM
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Love the title of this recap. MoPo rules!

-- Posted by: jlou at May 14, 2007 5:18 PM

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