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Days of Our Lives: Philip Loves to Drink!

Belle talks to little Claire. She tells her that she has been on the run longer than she has been walking. She knows she won't remember this but as soon as she is old enough she will explain all. Gabby comes and asks if Shawn is there - it's about the GPS. She says she feels bad about everything that is going on and Belle says it's probably her fault. Belle asks for a key to Philip's room and says she wants to see what Philip is up to. Belle tells her that if she gives her the key she will forget she tried going for Shawn. Gabby finally relents and hands them over. After Gabby leaves Belle tells Claire she will be right back.

Belle drags a bag full of Philip's things and finds, amongst other things, his PDA. She takes it out of his bag and puts the other stuff back in and takes the bag back.

Philip and Duck talk old war stories when 'nature calls' and he takes off. Philip goes and sits at the bar and tells Shawn it's the end of the road for them and they argue this point. When Philip isn't looking he takes a bottle of pills out of his pocket. Gabby approaches and asks him what makes Philip think he's so great and Shawn says it's all money. He is sad that they used to be like brothers but now, not so much. He tells her that they're getting out of their tonight. Shawn tells her that she is going to slip him a Mickey, as it were. Why doesn't he wait until he goes to bed? He won't, he says.

Duck bellows that they're out of beer and Gabby brings two over - with one full of pills. She says it's way past closing time. Duck tells him he has to get going. Philip gets ready to go and Gabby encourages him to stay. She tells him that she is sorry for hassling him the last time he was there. She tells quite a long story about how her father loves her and apologizes for jerking him around. He accepts her apology. He asks her why she's trying to keep him down there.

Belle shows Shawn Philip's PDA and a lof e-mails between Philip and EJ. Shawn wonders what EJ wants with them. He says he will have to figure out if EJ is waiting for them. A little later he makes an appearance at the Gabby / Philip conversation and says he knows they bugged Bo's home and wants to know what EJ wants with him. He thanks Gabby for the beer and Philip says he doesn't know what EJ wants with him but he could be on his way now. Philip says he will charter a boat for them and all it will cost him is Claire. He wishes Gabby a good night and leaves. Gabby tells him what she did and Shawn says as soon as Philip falls asleep they'll leave.

Philip goes to wish Claire goodnight and Belle tells him to leave. Robble, robble, you're not her father. Robble, I just want to kiss her good night. He picks up Claire and Claire starts saying "mama". Good kid. Shawn picks Claire up and Philip says soon he won't have to worry about Claire. He starts to feel woozy and says it's just jet lag. He says he will be wide awake outside and if they make a move, he will know about it. He goes outside and leans against the wall and then slumps over, wondering what is wrong with him. Shawn and Belle get ready to go and Shawn looks out at Philip who is out cold. They take off and walk right past sleeping Philip.

The doctor tells Lucas and Sami that everything seems to be okay again. He tells them the nurse will bring the releases papers. They have detected the baby's heartbeat. Lucas says he is going to prove his love to her by backing off about EJ. He says they're going to really get married and noone will stand in their way. Sami is chuffed that their wedding will be soon. Sami says she wants to tell him something and so of course the real thing we have been waiting for her to tell him never comes out. Lots of robbling. Sami says she wants to freeze frame this moment. He should remember how this moment feels in case anything ever threatens to pull them apart. He hesitates and says he's the luckiest. Of course they argue over who is the luckiest. She says she is so happy they're getting married tomorrow.

Kate stands at the entrance to Sami's room and gets ready to go in when EJ stops her. He says that Celeste told her that Kate took something and she shows the photo. EJ says there is a likeness there and Kate says it's because it was him and it was dated the same night of John's shooting, the beam collapsing, and EJ allegedly going to Mexico. She says it is proof that she was right about Sami and EJ - and she is going to blast Sami out of her son's life forever. He tells her that's not going to happen.

She says the photo will prove she was with EJ. He tells her that it would be foolish to cross him. He tells her that if she goes in there, Sami will just make up a good excuse and Lucas will defend her. He tells her to give him the photo and go home and have a good rest. She asks what is in it for him and he asks her to trust him. He asks her to let him take care of things - and to bring a hanky to the wedding. Sami and Lucas come out and they argue with EJ and Kate and finally Lucas grabs a fire extinguisher and blasts EJ and Kate. EJ asks if Kate is okay. Ah, no freeze frame - other than the one that Sami mentioned.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 3, 2007 8:02 PM
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