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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Peter Gabriel Would Be Proud

Lucas works on a wall with a sledgehammer. Sami wonders if she should have the amniocentesis and Lucas says they should do it when they get back from their honeymoon. I thought most couples started doing it on the honeymoon itself. Huh. Lucas talks about EJ but it is about as nonsensical as most things the Hamburglar ever said. Sami wonders if he is ready to just say no to EJ. He says he is.

Celeste and EJ discuss the stem cells that Stefano is going to get and suddenly Celeste realizes that the stem cells will come from Sami's baby. Celeste tells him that he owes Stefano nothing and eventually Stefano will come to destroy him. No worries - he can just have some more children that age 20 years in 2. EJ assures her that Stefano wouldn't hurt him. EJ doesn't want to hear negative things and wants to leave and Celeste tells him he has to stand up to Stefano to save his child.

Lucas and Sami find Celeste and EJ and Sami says she doesn't want to take an amnio because it would endanger the baby's life. If you aren't anti-wikipedia you can see their article on amniocentesis including the risks. Much arguing and finally EJ relents and says that he can wait until the baby is born. Sami and Lucas leave and Celeste wonders what he's going to tell Stefano now. He says they will use Celeste's amazing powers to determine if he's the father.

Lucas says he will teach EJ a lesson he will never forget. It won't involve pronouncing things the "midwestern" way. He will go to the SEC about EJ messing with the books.

Philip promises that nothing bad will happen to either Belle or Claire. Belle believes it not. They hear something outside and it is Shawn. Lots of arguing between Philip and Shawn. Philip tries to get the engine going faster and Shawn says that's a less than good idea. As it turns out it wasn't such a hot idea because it breaks the engine. Good job, Philip.

Bo and Patch are on the plane arguing over the statement from Shawn. Patch wants it and Bo won't give it up. You can guess how the pattern of things will flow this episode. Bo tells him about all the times they have helped each other out. Patch pulls a gun on Bo when he refuses to give him the document. Bo says he will just have Shawn sign another one and Steve says he doesn't want to have to kill him. Bo says clearly EJ wants him dead - does Steve want him dead, too?

Steve has a flashback of EJ telling him to kill Bo. Bo tells him that clearly EJ is controlling him and Patch yells at him to stop. Bo tells him to kill him - obviously he won't because they are friends. Steve says a friend wouldn't put out his eye and he says that is all old history. (Uhm, and we were reminded of it last summer when Patch came back - remember?) They wrestle like kids in high school and Steve gets the plane to start diving out of control. He tells him to give him the statement or they will both die. We freeze frame on Bo.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 21, 2007 10:37 PM
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