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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Nick Stands Up To Willow

Stephanie and Chelsea meet up in Brady's Pub and says she's almost sorry that she doesn't have a sexy scar. Chelsea tells her that John's out of his coma. Stephanie wonders what Chelsea's plans are for the summer and then tells her that they are going to get great new jobs this summer. I'm guessing the jobs don't entail working in the hospital. No, despite their lack of training, Stephanie thinks they would be excellent flight attendants. Chelsea points out this lack of training. It's not going to be the normal sort of flight attendancy, if that is a word. It will be more like the airline of a certain airline which is reknowned just as much for its cleavage as its hot wings.

This leads to a conversation about Nick and Chelsea's relationship with him. It would be great fun because they're going to be in Las Vegas for a week and in case you didn't know, "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!" Chelsea ultimately says she isn't interested in going with Stephanie.

Willow walks around her to be new apartment with its great view of humongous skyscrapers in tiny little Salem. Nick flat-out tells Willow that he's not going to help her anymore. She is pleased to hear this and gives him a great big bear hug. I'm kidding, of course. She says Chelsea must have given her these horrendous ideas and he denies it. She says this must be all about the hairbrush. Robble robble, same conversation. The realtor comes in and Willow says that Nick wants the place. Nick caves - (ha ha - Nick Cave - sorry, musical reference) and signs the lease and pays the first month's rent.

Nick finds Chelsea with Stephanie and admits that things didn't go too well with Willow. She surprisingly says she's not disappointed and they will figure something out. She goes to see Stephanie and says she will go with her.

Hope and Marlena help John walk around and he has a prat fall like Willy Wonka in the original film. Roman is glad John is back - so glad that he asks if he will identify EJ as his shooter. Marlena says that he doesn't remember what happened that evening. They say they will definitely get EJ regardless.

A doctor comes in to check up on John. He tests his reflexes with a hammer and he yells out in pain after he hits him a bit too hard. The doctor then has John try to talk and he has difficulty. Marlena asks him if he wants to have naughty sex. He is actually able to respond to that - good thing. The doctor leaves and then Marlena leaves as well and says she will be back. Hope comes in and says they're going to have a party at the pub.

Roman presents Bo with a forensics report along with a life preserver that could be Claire's.

Belle, Shawn, and Philip have the same conversation as they have been having for the last couple of episodes only now Belle says that she heard a child crying when the rescue team approached. Bo comes in and shows them what Roman gave him - the life preserver. They look at the vest and realize that someone cut the tracking device off. Philip tells them that he's really sorry for everything that happened and if they get Claire she will go to her proper home with Shawn and Belle. After Philip and Bo leave Shawn tells Belle he has a touch of bad news - Willow is pregnant with his child. Call Maury!

John prepares to leave the hospital. Marlena tells him that she had to move out of the penthouse because it felt empty. John approaches Bo and Hope and asks if the police have found his kidney.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 29, 2007 6:21 PM
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