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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Let's Make a Deal

Sami tells Lucas about how she wants to make a deal with the DiMeras. He thinks that she should tell Roman about what went on at the warehouse.

EJ and Tony discuss Sami's offer and whether Stefano will take it. Tony tells him Stefano's not into ending the war. EJ and Sami will have to pay for their mistakes. He would easily rid the world of both Sami and EJ. No worries, Tony is probably thinking. DiMera children grow up extra fast on this show so we can just make a few more.

Bo and John talk about getting EJ. Bo says they will surprise EJ with John being back from his coma (looking marvelously refreshed) and they decide to stop at the pub. They surprise Sami and Lucas who are arguing about EJ again. Sami is, needless to say, chuffed. He apologizes for missing the one wedding that actually ended with Sami being married. Lucas tells John and Bo about what Tony said to Sami. Sami explains it all, not like Clarissa but still effectively. Naturally Bo springs into action and says they will trap EJ. No, Sami says, she wants to handle it. Sami gets a call from EJ who says it's a matter of life and death.

Everyone tells Sami to get EJ to come to the pub as a trap. She doesn't want to trap him again. She wants to handle things her way and Bo says that the police should do things their way. A little later EJ comes in and asks to speak with Sami in private and Bo says he wants EJ to come to the station for a word or two. Hopefully they will be good words.

Willow enjoys her new home and Philip comes by with bread, salt, and a candle - traditional housewarming gifts. Actually, he comes without any gifts. How nice. He says she should go easy on Shawn, all things considered - and he is sorry for not going easy on her. She says that obviously she is still in love with Belle.

Belle wonders what the ramifications of Willow being pregnant are. He assures her that things will be the same between them. Belle is sure that Willow will torment them. At least she's not a DiMera. (...yet) Belle is so happy that she gives him a nice slap across the face. She immediately apologizes, bien sur. Shawn says they have to find Claire and they will surely do so. Philip comes in and Shawn goes to see Willow. After Shawn leaves Philip tells Belle that he has hired a detective to find Claire. I say all signs point to Gabby.

Shawn finds Willow and apologizes for mistreating her and not believing he was the father. He does not, however, apologize for his clap and double thumbs up that, G-d willing, I will make a how-to video of for everyone wanting to do it themselves. Curiously, Willow tells Shawn that he can share parental responsibilities, her child will be a boy, and she really didn't set fire to Bo and Hope's house. (The candle she set down did that trick.) Willow tells Shawn not to trust Philip.

Bo tells EJ that he can come willingly or he will get a warrant for his arrest. EJ says he will come with no protest but he wants to speak with Sami first. Lucas tells him he doesn't want Sami talking to him so she does anyhow. Sami says she's hoping the offer worked and he tells her it didn't work and moreover, their lives are threatened.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 30, 2007 2:06 PM
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