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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Introducing Mrs. Sami Roberts

EJ walks into the church and sits. Nobody has objected to Lucas and Sami getting married. They recite their vows and soon Father Kelley pronounces them husband and wife.

Kayla calls for security. Hopefully the security in the hotel is better than security at University Hospital. Nope. The thugs come in and drag Kayla. They tie her up and a little later, when security finally arrives, Kayla tells them to call Bo. Kayla hooks up with Roman, who tells her to stay away from EJ. Naturally, she doesn't listen. The handyman of the hotel leaves his drill so she takes it.

Kate asks EJ what is going on and he assures her all will pay off at the reception. Soon she is with Lucas and asks if she can come to the reception . Lucas says it's okay if it's okay with Sami - and it is. After Sami leaves Lucas tells her to behave herself.

Steve calls out for Kayla but instead gets EJ. He asks for his undying loyalty and he spits on him. EJ tells him he has to go to Tinda Lao to kill Bo and he refuses. He flashes the tarot card and we see the quality of Steve's deprogramming as he buckles like the belt that Nick took off the night he slept with Billie.

Billie and Nick have a little chat and Billie wonder if Nick stole the evidence. A little later, he is in Chelsea's car with Stephanie and Chelsea and they take a slight detour. Stephanie thinks it would be fun to step up out of the sun roof and go super fast. Chelsea goes a little too fast and when they panic and hit the brakes, Stephanie goes for a little flight - out of the car.

Will sets up the dvd player at Chez Rouge. Marlena tells Sami and Lucas to sit for the dvd show and Roman comes and gets Sami for a dance. Marlena gets everyone's attention and speaks at length about how happy she is that this day has come and tells them why Eric and Lucas' father aren't there. The slideshow starts and things are going great until the photo of Sami and EJ in Lexie's car comes up.

Marlena notices it was the day John was shot and Sami says she can explain. Of course she can. Roman thinks the photo must be a fake and Kate says the state police has a copy. He asks Sami if she helped EJ escape and she says everyone's favorite line - it's not what it looks like.

No freeze frame but we end on Sami in a pile of her own tears.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 9, 2007 5:33 PM
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