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Days of our Lives - Hidden Messages!

Kayla and Adrienne meet up in the church. What better place to meet up when you have possibly nefarious things to discuss? Kayla asks if she has brought what she asked her to bring and she did - it's a gun, of course. Kayla says that Steve has gone to Tinda Lau to kill Shawn and Bo and consequently she has to go there and stop them. After a bit of discussion Adrienne picks up on why she asked her to get a gun and she tells her she can't use the gun on her brother. Kayla says she won't let her brother and nephew get killed by someone who is clearly not in control of his own facilities. She takes off, much to Adrienne's protests.

Philip and Shawn banter about Shawn's tracking abilities. Shawn says he won't let him just leave and Philip says he and Belle will leave with Claire and there's nothing Shawn can do. Philip hears a dog barking and Shawn says that Bo is there. Before Bo can arrive Philip gives Shawn a nice punch and a kick and then says he is so sorry that he had to do it. He leaves with Belle but not before she tells him that "G-d Punishes Sinners!" several times over.

Bo finds him in a crumpled state and they go back to find help. Shawn says that Philip said they are going back to Salem and Bo says this means they should go back too but Shawn doesn't believe he's really going. He tells Bo and Gabby about what Belle said and after a little reasoning Gabby suddenly realizes that Belle must have been referring to the GPS that they were going to use to get to Australia - she must have taken it with her. They get a laptop to track its location and sure enough, the boat is heading towards Australia. Funny how they were having trouble getting an ordinary phone to work but had no problem with a wi-fi high speed internet connection on a questionably old laptop.

EJ goes to see Sami and finds Lucas there as well. He wants to tell them about how he is the father of the baby but before he can Lucas says that he already knows everything including how EJ raped Sami. EJ says he will deny to the day he dies that he has done anything wrong and that Sami wanted it as much as he did. Lucas says that it's patently obvious that Alan, I mean, EJ raped Sami. EJ fills Lucas in on some details of which he was not aware - that Sami drugged Lucas and tried to kill him. Sami tells EJ that she was lying about his being the father and she's not sure who the father really is. They say they really have to get going so he leaves. Lucas is a bit peeved that she drugged him but gets over it.

Alone in his apartment, EJ has fond memories of Sami lying to him about his being the father of her baby. Kate comes to visit and he says that he really has to get going - he's going to Louisiana for personal reasons and she will run the company just fine. Kate accuses him of being in love with Sami and EJ won't deny it - and finally outright says that he loves Sami and probably always will. He hears rustling in the hallway and goes out to see Sami and Lucas going for their wonderful honeymoon. Kate kicks the door and, in an uncharacteristically English way says "Bloody hell!"

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 14, 2007 7:29 PM
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