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Days of Our Lives: Duck is Gun Crazy!

EJ has OJ - not Simpson. Billie comes and tells him off for using her security system for spying on Bo. He naturally comes back with the old "No Idea What You're Talking about" Defense. She says Philip has left the country so obviously he has found what he was looking for. EJ wonders where he is and Billie says she doesn't know. They argue this and he leaves.

Kate talks to some business associates on the phone. EJ opens the door to her car and hops in and tells her what Billie said. He says he knows that he has gone to find Shawn. She asks what he wants and he says he wants to know where Philip is. She says she has no idea where Philip is and he says he knows she knows. He doesn't want to have to do this the hard way. This goes back and forth and back and forth. Kate finally tells him where he is. He leaves for a little bit but comes back and they discuss "Brandy Mathis" - the anagram. He says she's a clever woman. She says he doesn't care what he does so long as Lucas doesn't walk down the isle with Sami. She wonders how he will make it happen if he's going to the island and he says he has found the person to do it. The only problem is getting the person out of his cage.

Kayla and Bo sit in a car and Kayla wonders what is taking so long.

Adrienne gets wheeled into the common room by Roman. Large Angry Man asks what he's doing and he says that she is a new patient. Discussion follows - he didn't hear anything about this. He is eventually convinced. Adrienne makes odd cackling noises but then talks into her microphone. She tells Bo they're waiting for Steve to show up.

Finally Adrienne says that he has been brought in by Doctor Granger. He's not looking too great. After Doctor Granger and the large angry man leave Adrienne says she is going to go and talk with him. She comes up to him and asks if she can join him for breakfast. She tells him who she is and reminds him of how much they have been through and he doesn't really say anything. She tells him to look at him and he says he can't make any trouble. Outside in the car, Kayla wonders what they did to him. Bo says they have to get him to shake off his fog. His phone rings - it's Marlena. Kayla tells them to please listen.

Adrienne tells Steve she has a surprise for him and he says he doesn't know her. She asks if he remembers their father beating him - Duke Johnson. He repeats the name. She says when she needed him, he was there for her and she is there for him now. He says he thinks he killed someone and she says that he lied to protect her. He says he has done terrible things and she says he was tricked into doing the bad things. He says he doesn't believe what she is saying and she shows him a bracelet that belonged to their mother - the counterpart is around Kayla's neck. Steve keeps saying that he is a soldier and she insists that he is a husband. He says if she doesn't go away he will get someone.

Bo comes back and says he has to get to Tinda Lau and save Shawn and Belle from Philip and possibly EJ. Kayla says they're not going anywhere until they get Steve out of the hospital.

Adrienne says she's going to tell him a story and he can just relax. It's about a pigeon they found in the park and Steve says it had a broken wing. He remembers nursing the pigeon back to health. He asks how she knew and she shows him the bracelet and reminds him that he is Steve Johnson, her brother. He finally calls her by her name. He continues remembering things but then he says he's one of them. He says he's so confused and wonders that if there is a Kayla, perhaps he is not one of them. Just as he is really starting to break through, Angry Man comes out and says there is no contact - she could be put in solitary.

Repeat of yesterday's Shawn and Belle walking by sleeping Philip. They discuss getting off the island and start to leave when Duck comes out and says they're not going anywhere. He says he is just helping out a fellow vet. Shawn tells them that Claire is 100% his daughter. They get ready to leave and Duck tells them he will shoot if they try to leave. Shawn tells her to leave and everything will be fine.

Philip starts to wake up and says that he will do something to Shawn and then goes right back out. Duck tells them that he's not kidding and Shawn tells them to leave and Duck fires a shot into the air. Gabby comes running in and asks what is going on and Belle says that he nearly killed them. She tells him to put the gun down and he says he has to see his mission through. She says if he is going to shoot them he has to shoot her first. He tells her to get out of the way. She tells him it's over and he should put the gun away and let them gun.

Philip stumbles out and tells them they did a good job. Belle says they should let them go for Claire's sake. He tells them they can go as long as they leave Claire. They refuse. He asks if anyone else has any suggestions. Philip says they should all go home and try to work out custody arrangements. This being said Duck puts the gun away. Shawn says they're going to leave because he doesn't believe Philip. They argue and Shawn tells Belle to just leave and they take off. He says his family is his and they're not afraid of him anymore. He tells Philip to have a nice life - it is over. That's just when Duck shoots him and Philip yells at him and calls him a crazy drunk. Oh, it's a chest wound, all right.

Posted by Gordon on May 4, 2007 10:22 PM
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