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Days of Our Lives: An Offer You Can Refuse -- and Probably Shouldn't

Funny how things turn out. A few months ago Philip just wanted to take Claire away from Shawn and Belle. Now he tells Belle that he wants Belle and Shawn to move into the Kiriakis mansion. Nice upgrade from a small apartment. Come to think of it, how is it that Victor let Philip live in a small loft-like apartment across from Shawn to begin with? Shawn comes in and they all discuss the possibility of a move-in.

Shawn says they're good and besides, there is another reason Philip wants them to move in. Belle thinks they should move in and Philip says it will help them in their never-ending quest to save their girlfriend! I mean, their hopefully at some point ending quest to save Claire! Philip wonders why Shawn doesn't want to move in. Shawn says he doesn't want Philip to have the upper hand and Philip tells him he's desperate to find Claire and this will help. He owes them so much. He gives Shawn the front door key and takes off. Of course, Shawn and Belle discuss the offer further. They discuss and discuss and Shawn insists that he is suspicious of Philip - Belle wonders why. Flashback to Willow telling him not to trust Philip. Perfect person to trust. Shawn eventually relents and agrees they should move in. Belle says they will surely find Claire.

Sami is really upset that Tony shot down her offer. It will be worse when Tony tries to shoot her down, as it were. EJ says the offer probably wasn't even brought up before Stefano. Tony is going to try to kill them both now. Bo tells EJ they have to go downtown now. Marlena tells John that EJ left and John says he's going to go to the station. She then talks to Sami about what just happened. Sami wonders why the DiMeras hate the Brady family as they do and suddenly gets a bright idea - hopefully. Sami comes back with the letter they found at Maison Blanche.

Bo asks EJ lots of questions and Lucas sits there and teases him. EJ wonders why Lucas is there and Bo tells him they have a nice surprise in the form of John. EJ looks less than pleased to see him but says he's glad that he's doing well. John brings up the boathouse incident and EJ says he probably is having memory issues. Ultimately they don't arrest him and EJ says he has some important things to deal with. Lucas wonders if those things involve the SEC and he says no - he's talking about Sami, who is in danger. He tells them about how Tony is in charge and the whole stem cell thing. Lucas says the baby is his and other robblesome things. EJ tells them that if he should go to trial, Sami is done for.

Sami explains how she found the letter. Hope thinks it is probably a letter to Stefano from his father Santo. Hopes calls the foreign language department at Salem University since evidently nobody knows about free translation services online. Finding a boat in the middle of the ocean? Non e una problema! Translating basic Italian? Problema! Sami offers to take the letter to the university so of course, a man grabs her and says they're going for a ride.

Lucas says he wanted to call Sami but she didn't answer. When he called the pub Hope told him that she went to Salem University. EJ gets up and runs and Lucas follows shortly after. Exeunt, pursued by bear.

Hope goes to see Shawn Senior, and says she wants some family history help. He says she can ask anything so she does - why are they at war with the DiMeras. He says he will answer anything but that. Let me give you some help, Hope. It could have something to do with the fact that on the one side, you have an Irish Catholic family. On the other side, you have what is essentially an Italian Catholic family. It's not a coincidence that the mob fighting on The Black Donnelly's was between the Irish and Italian mobs. Marlena tells Hope a little later that Shawn Senior will eventually tell them.

Sami wakes up taped inside a car with her hands on the steering wheel. She hyperventilates and so passes out again, and we freeze frame on a passed out Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

My thoughts : I think if I were in EJ's position I would somehow try to get excused for his criminal activity by testifying against Tony or someone else. That way he might actually have a short at being with Sami, which curiously so many people want and I see a little bit of why in this episode. He really does care about her.

Posted by Gordon on May 31, 2007 6:02 PM
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