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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Adrienne Johnson's Back!

Kayla is on the phone wondering where Stephanie is. She walks in and they talk about Steve - what if he really is crazy? Kayla argues that Steve isn't crazy and doesn't belong there. Stephanie pops in her headphones and says she isn't listening. She asks when they have to say enough and Kayla says they have to have faith that they can help them or they will lose him. Stephanie wonders if this means they have to put their lives on hold - it's not fair to either of them and she should just cut her losses. Kayla says that she shouldn't give up because one day she might just need her father and he won't be there and they finally come to a resolution.

Roman comes in and says she looks more beautiful every day. He brought home double chocolate donuts. Sadly he has brought bad news - the judge has said they can't get Patch out. She says they have to get him out by any means necessary. They agree they need to get someone in there and Stephanie says she got through to him before so she should go in. Not quite what they had in mind. She says she can be disguised and they say it won't work and she leaves, irritated. They say they can make a list of people Steve would trust. They list people and finally get to Adrienne. Would she put her lief on the line for Steve? Kayla calls Adrienne.

A little later Kayla enjoys an empty coffee cup and she says that Adrienne is on her way over. The bell rings and hey, look - it's Bonnie Lockhart. No, it's actually Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis. The actress that played Bonnie played AJK from 1986-1991 and here she is again! Hooray. Hugs all around. Adrienne asks what has taken so long and Kayla says that he didn't want anyone to know. She tells her that they're going to have to put Adrienne in the hospital to get him out.

Willow thanks Nick for visiting. She tells him about Hope's plan to steal her baby. Nick says perhaps this would be the best option and Willow bemoans her lack of defense. She tells him to tell Hope that she's not going to turn her back on the baby. This is hotly debated and Willow says that love changes people. Nick wonders what she means and Willow brings up Chelsea. They discuss Chelsea and how she broke up with him. Willow tells Nick that she needs him to post bail. He says he doesn't have the money. She says she needs him to be her hero. Long discussion. Willow says this visit will be great for her memoirs. He finally says he will check how much he has and if he has enough money - and it's a big if - he will see what he can do. He tells her she can't tell anyone.

Lucas tends to Sami's needs. She asks how long she has been out and wonders about her iv drip and he says it's just to keep her hydrated. She makes some food requests but then decides she wants fruit instead. Obviously it's a great idea to leave her alone given recent events. He tells her not to scare him again and she requests some chips. Naturally after he leaves our dear chum EJ comes in with a hyperdermic needle. He covers her mouth and says they will talk like reasonable adults. He uncovers her mouth and she says it was all Celeste's fault and she didn't set the cabin on fire. He asks why and she says it's because of their kiss.

She says she couldn't bring herself to do it because of their connection and he says he doesn't believe it. She says she's so bored of Lucas that she can hardly look him in the eye - she does love him and she knows he still wants her. He takes her hand and kisses it while he still has the needle in the other hand. They argue over Celeste's role in everything and she says that she will call him when she gets out and he says that means nothing to him. He says he wants her to know what it felt like laying helpless, possibly to die. He sticks his needle into her iv and says that it's the denouement, as it were, to their little play. She says she's so sorry and he says it's too late. He tells her that he would have given her everything she wanted but all he has given her now is the afterlife. He poitns out the irony that she left him to burn and now she will burn in hell forever.

Sami freaks out and starts yelling for help and says that she was poisoned by EJ, who was dressed as a doctor. Lucas tells her that perhaps it was a dream and she will be fine. She tells Lucas that she is dying and he says that she is just fine. She tells him that his mom was right about everything and that she ruined everything and everything she did was just to protect him. She passes out and the nurse feels her vein. She comes to and the nurse says that she's fine. Sami says maybe it will just take longer than she thought it would. Lucas says it was just a dream and she says it was definitely real. They debate this. He says he will call security and she says he's long gone.

She wonders why he would pretend to poison her. He asks what she could have done to make him want to kill her. She says maybe it was a dream and so they have a right proper argument. She tells him that EJ is not part of them and he says that he is sick of EJ being around. Much more arguing. He asks what is really going on between her and EJ. More debate about possible dream. He says he doesn't want to fight - he just wants to be at the altar with her and she says she wants that too. He says they're going to recite sacred vows and she can tell him whatever it is that involves EJ and he won't get mad - she shouldn't be afraid of the truth. This is when EJ comes in with a bouquet of flowers and Lucas tells him to get out. EJ says it's Sami's room and if she wants him to leave he will do so - and we freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 1, 2007 1:46 PM
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