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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Where's EJ's body?

Marlena finishes shaving John and catches him up on recent events. She says that she wishes he could see Sami right now. She also wishes he could reassure her that Belle is coming home. She tells him that she needs him and loves him.

Shawn says he has lost Belle and can't forgive himself. Gabby says she shouldn' give up. Belle somehow manages to find her way back to their room and has gotten a mobile phone. She calls an international operator and says she needs to connect to a town called Salem. Oh, you mean like Salem, Oregon. No? Salem, Virginia? Maine? Indiana? Ohio? Missouri? The four other states that have a city called Salem? Why 'a town'? What 'town' has more than one zip code? Come on.

Marlena continues caring for John and her phone rings - it's Belle. She says she wants to come home. Belle asks about John - yep, no change. Marlena asks where she is and Belle explains everything. Marlena asks about Shawn and Belle says he can go to hell. She explains what happened and Marlena says she's not being fair to Shawn. Belle asks what she should do and Marlena says she has to make things right. Marlena says she feels bad for lecturing her and Belle says it's what she needed to hear. Marlena says she wants to tell everyone but Belle tells her not to. She tells Marlena about her coin dream - maybe the coin is still in his right hand. Marlena asks John if he went to her in a dream. He doesn't say anything. She remembers what Belle said and looks at his fist, which is clenched. Oh my goodness, the coin is in his hand.

Belle hides the phone and leaves the room only to find the note that Charlie left for Gabby. She really socks it to Belle for what she did to Shawn and says he slept on the beach. Shawn makes an appearance and asks where Claire is and he tears her another new one for everything Belle did. Belle apologizes and Shawn asks where she was and says she can't run off every time they argue. Belle closes the door on Gabby and says it's not about Gabby. Belle apologizes and says he was right about everything.

Kayla says if Doctor Granger works for the DiMeras, Steve is as good as gone. Bo says they have to figure a way to get Steve out. Kayla says she would do anything to save Steve and Stephanie says she's wasting her life on Steve. They argue on and on and Stephanie says that it's clear that Steve doesn't want their help. Stephanie reiterates everything that has happened and how Steve just treats her like dirt and Kayla slaps her and then apologizes. Stephanie says she can't take Kayla just fading away as she is. Stephanie complains that the entire family is being ignored and she is throwing her life away.

Kayla says this isn't the case. They go on and on and Stephanie says that Steve is dead to her. Bo says she has no right to judge her mother and says it's to her mother the limit she will have. Bo asks about the person Stephanie found and she gets a good argument for this too. Later, Stephanie has taken off and Kayla says she isn't giving up on Steve. Bo says they just have to connect Doctor Granger and the DiMeras and Kayla says they need to get Steve out of the hospital. Bo gets a call from Abe. It's about EJ - he's dead. They just need a coroner to make the positive ID.

Sami and Lucas talk about Kate. Lucas can't believe what Kate did this time and says he doesn't want her coming to the wedding. Sami says she doesn't mind her coming as they will be together forever. Lucas goes to look for where the real Sami is and she says he should stop because she is there. Sami says she is chuffed that karma is on her side. She knows that they will have a great future together. Lucas wonders if she is this happy because EJ got hit by a truck or something and Sami wonders why he would say that. After they get past that Sami tells him that she wants to go to New Orleans to help rebuild homes for their honeymoon.

Sami and Lucas go for it - sex, I mean, and we keep flashing over to the scene of the cabin where firefighters finally arrive with axes and the like. They get a phone call from Roman - EJ is dead. Lucas says they will go to the cabin to confirm. Sami's not interested in going - she doesn't want EJ to ruin another weekend.

Bo and Kayla arrive at the scene of the cabin followed by Lucas and Sami. Bo goes in to investigate. Lucas can't believe it's the same cabin where Sami saved his life.

Bo finds a firefighter who confirms the victim was EJ Wells. Kayla talks about how great it would be if EJ were dead. Lucas says it's fine by him, too. Bo comes back and says that there was no body inside - EJ managed to get out and we freeze frame on Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 25, 2007 2:04 PM
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