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Days of Our Lives: Trust Issues Possibly Resolved

Shawn asks Belle if she's ready for bed. He says she can enjoy the nice warm breeze if she wants. For some reason the topic of sex comes up again - oh yes, it was because Belle told Gabby to keep her distance. Shawn asks why she's giving the message that she doesn't want him but she doesn't want anyone else to have him. They have the same argument that they have had at least a dozen times since landing on this island: does she trust him?

A little while later, Gabby comes and asks Shawn for some help. John comes to Belle in a dream and asks her why she is crying. He guesses that it's Shawn and asks her to tell him about it. She says she is confused because he says he loves her and she loves him but things are mixed up. He says it all boils down to whether or not she trusts him. She says that what Shawn has done reminds her of John. He says that faith and love will overcome any obstacle. He says that they have to love and trust each other and says the vows he and Marlena said in Italy and shows her the coin. All Belle has to do is to have a little faith. He hugs her and says she needs a little faith.

Gabby asks if the GPS will be okay and he says that the chip is in backwards. For some reason she decides to bring up her late baby and she doesn't know what Belle is thinking so she has a good cry on his shoulder. She goes in for a kiss. He stops her and says he loves Belle and Gabby says that they have been flirting and dancing around each other - she knows that he wanted her. He says they need to rethink travelling together. This is when Belle comes in, sees the lipstick on his face and takes off with Shawn in tow, yelling that it's not how it seems. Gabby says he can crash in her room and he says he will sleep outside.

Belle, alone in the room, talks to herself. She wonders what her grandfather would say - he would say she should trust Shawn. She goes to find Shawn and when she is outside of Gabby's room she hears moaning and giggling and decides that it must be Shawn. Of course, it wasn't Shawn.

Stephanie and Kayla go to see Patch, who is moaning on his bed. Stephanie asks what they did to him. He's probably wondering what she did to herself to look so different. She asks what happened to him and he asks what is new in the world with her. She says he shouldn't change the subject and asks who did this to her. They get a first aid kit and Stephanie complains that nobody is taking care of him. Patch says that Kayla broke their deal and Stephanie says that she's not a kid and she is going to quit the team and come home until he is better. Patch says, "like hell he is." He tells her that he didn't raise a quitter and she says that he didn't raiser her at all and she refuses to lose him again.

He says that all of the doctors are saying he is a threat to others and himself. Stephanie says that he has to fight it - she knows it was EJ and he has to do something. She somehow convinces him to go to the police and testify. Naturally, this is when the new doctor comes in and tells him that he should try traditional therapy. Patch tells him he is going to tell everything to the police and this is when the good Doctor whips out a tarot card and tells him that's not going to be the case.

Roman toasts Abe who should be getting a new transplant and be back on the job soon enough. Kate rushes in and after praising G-d tells them they are the only ones who can stop Sami. She tells them how she went to the suite and nobody answered and then called EJ - and how he was about to tell her the 'truth' and she heard a woman's voice say Sami's name after the phone was knocked out of his hand, and the phone went dead. She pleads with him to get to Lucas and he tells her that she has to set up an appointment to see Marlena - she has lost her mind.

She says that he didn't hear everything that happened. Abe says it seems like a strange coincidence that this all happened. Kate tells him that it sounded like Celeste - the woman that called out her name. Kate says they should call her. After the call Roman says she has to leave before he has to escort her out himself. Kate tells him that he will regret it if something happens to Lucas. Roman dashes after her and says he doesn't like being threatened in public - and what she's doing isn't fair to Lucas. She says she feels in her heart that Lucas is in trouble. All she wants is to find out if Lucas is safe and he says he will help her.

Kayla finds Roman and tells Roman and Abe that Steve is ready to talk. Stephanie got through to him. Wow, Roman must be thinking - she has a daughter named Stepahanie and this person named Stephanie also happened to be there to get through to her?

Sami keeps talking and in the process loses a match. She lights another one and tells EJ that he turned her into a murderer. Then she changes her mind and says she can't kill him. She asks him why he did it to her when she really cared about him. She reminds his sleeping body that he raped her. She really goes on and on about Lucas and how she's not going to let him destroy her future with Lucas. She lights yet another match and says it's for John, her mother, Steve, Kayla, Max, Stephanie, Belle, Shawn, and everyone else he has tortured. She says she hopes he burns in hell.

Celeste comes in and asks what is taking so long. She says that she can't do it - EJ won. Celeste's phone rings and it's Abe - he asks her to confirm everything that Kate said and she tells him that Sami is with Lucas and Kate is mistaken. Sami asks what they are going to do about EJ. She says she has to tell Lucas the truth and they start to leave when EJ starts calling out her name. She puts on more lipstick and kisses him again, telling him he's just dreaming. She leaves but then Sami realizes that she forgot her suitcase and finds EJ completely upright - so she screams loudly and not very well. He stumbles over and falls and asks what she did. Of course, she leaves the matches there.

Sami says that EJ has woken up and is worried that he will remember everything when he wakes up. The cabin suddenly bursts into flames and EJ yells out for her. We freeze frame on a very sad Sami.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 23, 2007 5:16 PM
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