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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Pill Trick

Steve jokes about taking his pills but eventually takes them. The orderly finds that their senses of humor are different and he says he has one. After she leaves he has the pills in his hand. Kayla goes to visit him and asks what he's doing. He says he's stuck in a nuthouse. She shows him her laptop and says she got an e-mail and wonders if he wants to respond. She is apparently in love. He says he hopes she hasn't said anything about his being in there and she says she hasn't said a thing. Kayla reads the e-mail to him and asks him what he wants to write back. He tells her he appreciates the e-mail and warns her to be careful and not to let her heart do her thinking or believe in fairy tales about frogs turning into princes because she will get covered in warts and slime.

Kayla asks if he wants to know what she wrote when she wrote her back and he says no so she tells him anyhow. She says she wrote to follow her heart and he says she should seek someone safe and comfortable. Kayla says she only listened to her heart and as a result she found a love so strong that it couldn't die - even more powerful after eighteen years. Nothing has changed, she assures him. He assures her that the guy has changed. She says she can see underneath. She tells him that she loves him. Steve says she has selective memory - every day on the road was painful. She says it was worth it and he means everything to her. He asks her to see him as he is and she says she always has. He asks her to leave and to tell Stephanie whatever she wants. Before she leaves she tells him she's not giving up on him. He thanks her for including him in the e-mail.

Kate looks over the financial reports and Lucas tells her how the figures don't match up. He warns her that if EJ goes down she could go down as well. Lucas says he just wanted to give her the heads up before he went to the SCC and she says the numbers are just fine. She says that they are in business - and if he fires the first shot, he will come back and bring down everyone. Lucas says they can't kiss up to EJ and he is always in Sami's face. Kate says that he's really angry with Sami, not EJ. Kate says the problem is Sami's past, not EJ. Kate says that EJ and Sami are hiding something and that's what is making Lucas angry.

Lucas says that she's jealous of Sami and Kate says that he's deluding himself. Kate says that she wishes it were true. Lucas wonders if she is hiding something and she reminds him of what EJ said about the wedding not happening and guaranteed it. How could he guarantee it? Good question indeed. Lucas points out that EJ just wants to break them up. Kate says that he wins but when she breaks his heart... and this is when he tells her "to hell with you" and takes off. Kate, of course, continues to talk.

EJ meets up with Philip at a bar. Philip bemoans missing Claire by one day and Willow is brought up - Philip says he hears that EJ forced her to rob the Brady house. EJ says he was unaware that Bo's house was broken into and Philip says he just wants Claire back. Philip tells her that Willow ratted him out despite being afraid of him and EJ wonders if he's afraid of him and he says he's not - he has lost so much. They argue and Philip tells EJ not to underestimate him.

EJ wonders why Philip's feelings towards his family doesn't extend to Shawn . They discuss how they can rig up Bo's house so they can listen in on their conversations. Philip says there are some conditions first - Billie can't be involved. The minute he finds out about Shawn he has to tell him. He also wants to know what EJ wants to do with Shawn. EJ says he doesn't respond well to commands and Philip says he should have rephrased it. They decide they have to install the security system and EJ asks how they will convince her to do it. Philip says they will just do it themselves. Bo and Hope aren't there because of painters and carpenters. They agree that whomever hears something about Shawn first will tell the other.

EJ enters Kate's office - she asks what he has been doing. She tells him she has gotten a flurry of phone calls from Italy. She asks if he has covered their tracks in the financial department and he says he took care of it. He goes outside and makes a phone call, most likely to whomever was in charge of security for Stefano and says he didn't do a good job protecting Stefano by letting in Kayla.

Celeste and Sami discuss what happened - Sami asks for the plan and Celeste says she already knows - and it's the only way out. Sami says he has to die and Celeste tells her to repeat it and so she does - two times, for fun. Sami says she hopes this bad dream will end and Celeste says there's only one way to end it. They discuss how she has to meet EJ at the cabin. She worries she will be late thanks to taking photos with Lucas.

Celeste suggests she take her own car so she can say she will go and visit John. Sami worries that she can't do it. It's still murder, even if it is EJ. Celeste says it's justice - and she should leave everything to her. What should she say? She says she should tell him that she confessed and he called her a lying whore, anything to make him believe that EJ is all Sami has left and then to vow to him that she will love him forever. When he believes that he has conquered her... and Sami says she doesn't think she can do it. Celeste shows Sami a tube of lipstick - poison lipstick, that is.

Sami asks if she should kiss him to death - well the poison hasn't been added yet. It's more of a drug to cause him to fall asleep. He will sleep long enough for them to set the cabin ablaze - burn it down to the ground with EJ inside. Sami worries that there is too much at stake. Celeste says if they don't stop EJ, Lexie won't be his last victim. She says that Sami is the key. Sami asks what will happen if they are caught and Celeste says nobody will care or investigate and the world will be a better place. She will have avenged Lexie's death - is Sami willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring peace? Sami spaces out but says she is willing to do what she has to do.

They map out where everything will go including the gasoline. She has to put on plenty of lip balm and then the lip stick and then go into the cabin to kiss EJ. They will soak the cabin in gasoline and it will just take one match to rid the world of EJ. Sami says after that she will have EJ's blood on her hands and she will be guilty of murder forever.

Lucas comes home and Sami comes out in high heels and negligee. She asks if he needs help with his tie and so of course they make out on the couch. He suddenly asks if she's sure it's going to work and she says she's going to make it work and they will be just fine. Ham nam nam nam.

Philip calls Billie and asks if she is home - he wants to look at her security system because he wants to set it up at Titan and needs to know exactly how it works. Freeze frame on Philip.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 10, 2007 11:01 PM
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